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10 key stages of the recruitment process

The selection process is a lengthy and demanding procedure in which aspects such as corporate needs, the desired profile, the development of each phase or the monitoring of hiring converge.

Successfully closing a selection process depends on many factors that go beyond the worth of the candidates. Pre-preparation, for example, plays an essential role for hiring to grow the company.

No less relevant is the analysis of each professional, essential to determine that they will adjust to our needs and that they will be able to generate value.

10 key phases in a recruitment process

Following a strategic work plan throughout the recruitment process streamlines paperwork, avoids hasty decisions, makes it easier to evaluate candidates, and saves the HR department time and energy.

It also allows you to show an image of professionalism and a sense of clarity that are always highly valued by candidates. Roughly speaking, we can distinguish ten unavoidable steps.

In other words, thanks to recruitment we will obtain the candidates from which we will have to select the most suitable one.

  1. Detection and analysis of needs for the personnel selection process

It is the first question that every HR department should ask. The expansion or renewal of the workforce can never be capricious, but must serve to cover the needs of the company at all times of its business plan.

It is time to examine in depth the plots in which the entry of new profiles is most necessary (or to reinforce the existing ones) and guide the selection process in that direction.

As we have mentioned, the recruitment process is essential to collect the greatest amount of talent. The curricular screening facilitates this stage in which the company seeks to ensure that the ideal candidates reach the last phase; and exclude applicants who do not fit (key the use of killer questions).

Human Resources Testing

  1. Definition of the candidate’s profile

To know which candidate, we will select after the recruitment process, we must be clear about the profile we need.

  • A versatile employee who fulfills several functions within the company?
  • A very experienced worker in the sector?
  • A highly specialized professional in a certain task?
  • An impeccable academic resume?
  • That they master several languages?

If you do not know what you are looking for, you will hardly find the best talent for the business.

  1. Recruitment before the selection process

When starting the recruitment process, HR managers have two great alternatives to find the best professionals.

The search and comparison process are necessarily meticulous, although it is easier to find the ideal candidate. Regarding active selection, here are the candidates who contact the company after learning about the opening of the hiring process.

  1. Reception of applications in the personnel selection process

If the call is attractive, the HR department. H H. It will not take long for you to witness a constant trickle of applications that will arrive through the channels provided. In this sense, it is advisable to set up a contact channel that facilitates the work of recruiters, such as a career site.

  1. Pre-selection: at the gates of the personnel selection process

We thus reach one of the most sensitive phases for the selection process to come to fruition.

Another trend to take into account for this selection process is that of companies that apply professional tests or psychometric tests, which, according to the Society for Human Resource Management, already do about 20% of companies.

Tests that inquire into the personality or try to check if the applicant meets the competencies for a certain position or task.

  1. Selection: when the personnel selection process begins

Once the pre-selection has been completed, those responsible for recruiting will have before them a very select range of candidates who are presumed to have some suitability for the position. The next step in the selection process will be to submit them to a much more rigorous examination to see how well the resumes do justice to the professionals who sign them.

The most common procedure is that of job interviews, although in recent times they have stopped dealing with more technical issues or questions about training or experience (that’s what the CV is for). Thus, the skills interview has taken center stage, which tries to assess the degree of performance of the candidate in different situations.

  1. Reporting

The professionals in charge of evaluating the applications. Conducting the relevant interviews have a very rough idea of ​​what each applicant can offer.

However, in order to make the final decision as objective as possible, it is advisable to prepare a series of reports of the selection process with the strengths. Weaknesses of each candidate.

This document is confidential and is prepared for internal use only. For the selection process to be efficient, recruitment must be as a team. Take into account the notes and opinions of different professionals.

  1. The decision, the final stage of the selection process?

And finally, the final decision of the personnel selection process arrives. At this point, it is possible that the selection process has taken a little longer than expected or that, in any case, it has taken a lot of time and attention from those responsible for HR.

However, the final decision cannot be rushed for reasons of calendar or to close the procedure as soon as possible. Not only is the job future of the candidates at stake, but that of the company itself. Once an agreement on hiring has been reached, it is time to communicate it to all interested parties.

Hiring and incorporation

Hiring is the easiest step to comply with for the simple reason that it is defined by current legislation.

The incorporation to the position of the candidate who has finally been hired can also be considered as part of the personnel selection process. It is possible that the new “signing” will have to undergo a short trial period before signing the final contract.

Be that as it may, someone (preferably from the management) must accompany the new worker on his first day in the company. Who can fully dedicate himself to getting to know the facilities. The colleagues and the way to organize and work within the company. It would not hurt to communicate to the employee what the basic rules of the company are.

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