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10 things to avoid while writing a research paper

Writing a research paper is one of the important and interesting features that come with daunting effects as well. The aim of your research needs to be precise and expressed in a way that it should be easy to find out when it has been accomplished (dissertationwritinghelp.uk, 2021).  It can be prove to be an unnerving experience yet it requires focusing on mistakes that need to be avoid. For that purpose, some extra efforts are required to put into making the research paper attractive and useful. Writing a research paper is not associated with writing as many words as possible. It is required to use content that justifies the essence of the research topic. How to write a business research paper and many other online websites provide dissertations. Those help in understanding the structure and choice of content used in their work.

Another important considerable perspective linked with avoiding things is to make your task easier. It is only possible through effective use of research on the topic and avoiding mistakes that can blow research paper. Considering the academic arena it is believe that writing a research paper is one of the difficult tasks. It enables to provide aspects to excel the career student. The thinking of students can easily be depict through the research paper. Because topic selection is shape by interest and content is develop through gentle thinking. The following are the ten things that need to be avoid while writing the research paper.

Wrong Topic Selection

The first step towards ultimate failure is the selection of the wrong topic. It goes through by having no interest in the topic or disliking the topic. The concerning aspect in this regard is to select the research topic which is of interest (Agrawal et al., 2018). Because it then becomes easier for the researcher to research and develop effective content. Interest in the topic provides ways to research exciting things about the topic and narrow down the perspectives.

Weak Research Question Construction

A moving force of the research is consider the research question. It’s consider of high importance and develops a way of conducting research.

It can be help through certain websites that provide instructions on write my assignment . It is believe that the formation of the research question enables the prosperity of the literature effectively. Lack of the research question can cause the formation of literature as well.

Neglecting the Guidelines Provided through Journals

The formation of the research is consider very important and becomes effective when adopting journal guidelines. It is believe that every research needs to adopt those guidelines as those enable structure to work effectively. The nature of the journals from one another is consider quite different and high repute journals provide proper crafting. The formation of academic research can be help through high-repute journals by adopting their templates to add your content.

Lack in the Thesis Statement

The thesis statement in the research is very important as works as a defining feature of the research. Formation of the thesis statement with solid content and inclusion of important steps after the selected topic. For the research papers, it is consider one of the important and foundational elements of research. The success of the thesis statement becomes more provident when a proper stance or point of view is adopt.

Weak Problem Statement

The considerable fact that is accepted everywhere in the world is that introduction set the tone of research. Under this aspect, researchers focus on regarding their research topic for the formation of objectives and problem statements. It is important to implement the key issues in the problem statement that defines “why” the research is conduct. Some of the authors in this regard leave it entirely to the readers to analyses the importance and challenges of the research.


The formation of research needs to be original and not copied. In addition to reading and taking notes, you can also extract information from other research papers. It is important, however, that the content you write in your research paper is entirely yours. Any plagiarism, whether partial or complete, will lead to a failing grade or rejection and might result in serious consequences. Therefore, it is consider very important to keep the aspect in mind while forming research.

Lack in Proofreading

Research has been conduct and text has written, but the project is still far from being ready for showing. Despite being the last step, proofreading is undoubtedly the most important one in writing a research paper. Make sure the texts flow well and are grammatically correct by reading them several times. The text should trimmed out of unnecessary words and phrases. The final texts need to be legible and need to be form cleanly and comprehensively.

Poor formation of Abstract

The research paper and its essence are identify through its abstract that starts with abstract. It is name as a short capsule that defines the entire research. The perfect abstract must clearly state what your study aims to accomplish, how it was conduct, and what conclusions it reaches. For the formation of a positive impression, a relevant and good abstract is consider very significant.

Wrong Referencing and Citations

A research paper should also include proper references and citations, which cannot be ignore during the writing process. The acceptance and rejection of the research paper are associated with accurate referencing and citations. The deciding factor is link with proper referencing for a research paper. The work is well researched and free of plagiarism by including accurate references. Various journals use different citation styles, so follow the guidelines of the journal you intend to submit your research to.

Lack of forming Proper Research

In your research paper, your research question is shape as a driving force. As well as showcasing the significance of your research, the research question also represents the novelty of your research. In addition, it outlines how your research will contribute to existing literature, and will therefore form the foundation for future research.



Agrawal, A., Fu, W. and Menzies, T., 2018. What is wrong with topic modeling? And how to fix it using search-based software engineering. Information and Software Technology98, pp.74-88.

dissertationwritinghelp.uk. (2021, Aug 11th). What are Research Aims and Objectives? https://dissertationwritinghelp.uk/dissertation-research-aim-and-objectives/ .

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