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11 Points to Remember for Bathroom Renovations in India

Thinking of getting your bathroom renovated?
Here are 11 things to remember and consider before you jump into the process directly!

  • Make a Blueprint

Make a blueprint of all the things that need to be changed, redone, or retained. You may not follow the blueprint to the T, but a written plan is always easy to follow and execute.

  • Consult a Designer/Architect

Taking professional help will open more avenues for your initial ideas. The interior designers are updated with trending strategies and can help you choose the best designs appropriate for your space.

  • Budgeting

Make a budget after the consultation. This is possible because now you would know the kind of design and the material that is going to be used. Eventually, you can make some changes to your designs, like picking low-cost alternatives to materials to accomplish the remodelled design.

  • Flooring & Tiles

For bathrooms, it is ideal that you choose anti-skid tiles. These tiles have a textured surface and are not slippery. They are available in multiple colours to suit your style.

  • Sanitaryware

Sanitary ware includes your wash basins and toilet seats. Choose the sanitaryware according to the space and the decided colour scheme of your bathroom. While you are at it, it is suggested that you choose the bathroom fittings like a single lever tall body mixer for your basin and a health faucet or jet spray for your toilet seat.

  • Separate Shower Area

A separate shower area gives more definition to the bathroom and offers neatness in looks. For this purpose, a glass partition wall can be installed to separate your shower area, vanity, and toilet seat area.

  • Drainage

Now that you have divided your bathroom area, make sure that you have sufficient drainage holes to fix your floor drains. For instance, you can get a shower drain channel for your shower area, a floor drain with holes for your washbasins, and a normal floor drain for your toilet seat areas.

  • Lights

Bathrooms are spaces which need appropriate lighting. For instance, your vanity area or mirror should have focus lights. Moreover, the lights should complement the chosen colour scheme of the bathroom.

  • Stainless Steel Fittings

The material stainless steel is the best and the most versatile material in terms of functionality and aesthetics for bathrooms. Stainless steel fittings like paper holders near the toilet seat area, corner shelf trays for the shower area, and soap dispensers for washbasins are a must.

  • Ample Space for Storage

Make sure you have ample space for storage of toiletries, towels, clothes, etc. For instance, a vanity cabinet under your washbasins can offer good space, foldable towel racks in the shower area, and robe hooks on the back of the bathroom door are all modern-day bathroom accessories you could install to make your bathrooms convenient.

  • Faucets

Always decide on the number and the design of the faucets you need to install in your bathrooms. Brass faucets are the most appropriate faucets for any kind of contemporary bathroom due to their anti-corrosive properties. It is advisable that you opt for a 3-in-1 wall mixer faucet for your shower area and multiple angle valves to regulate the flow of water in multiple fittings.

Once all this is considered, you will surely achieve your dream bathroom, which is not only good looking but also gives you utmost convenience and practicality.


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