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15 Best Flowering Plants for Pots

The choice of spectacular flowering plants for pots is indescribable as there are so many to choose from. Each of the flowering plants are gorgeous in their own way.. You should provide plants with good nutrition and water them well. It is possible for you to buy custom rose boxes for your home if you do not have time to care for your flowers properly. Unlike the normal flowers, these flowers last longer than usual and also do not require any special care to survive. In addition, customized roses make for a beautiful centerpiece that will complement any decor.

Check out these gorgeous flowering plants that you can put into your pots to bloom.


This flower features multiple colors and variations of whites, pinks, reds, and purples. Fuchsia blooms are a shade of love and are a magnet for hummingbirds. These flowers come in bi-colors and attract a lot of attention. It would be best to grow these plants in partial shade as they dislike overly hot growing conditions. You should also provide protection from the sun at midday. If your climate is very warm, then you need to pay special attention in order to keep your fuchsias healthy. You can prolong the bloom period by deadheading spent flowers and fertilizing every two to four weeks with water-soluble fertilizers.


Geranium is popular for its bold arrangement and cluster of continuous blossoms and its beautiful color. They are an excellent choice for a container flower garden for full sun or partial shade. It is best to deadhead them regularly if you are planning to grow them in full sun. However, the deadheading is a really easy process. You just have to remove the whole cluster of spent flowers.It is interesting to know that their colors come in a wide range, just like customizable everlasting roses acrylic box. The color ranges from purples, blues, and deep reds to bold pinks, corals, and salmons, to whites that are so bright that you could stare at them for hours.


There is no better way to brighten up any shady spot in the garden than by planting impatiens. It blooms fiercely and fiery in every shade of pink that you can imagine. In addition, this plant is a specialist in dealing with humid, moist conditions. In fact, impatiens are even capable of performing in deep shade.


The fragrance of the Alyssum is sweet, petite, and delicate. There is no doubt that Alyssum is a good choice for complementing and displaying centerpieces as well as trailing plants. Moreover, they can take the heat and bloom from spring through to frost, so they are able to thrive in the harshest conditions.


Whether you’re looking for the amazing giant African marigold, the rich double-fiery blooms of the French marigold, or the fragrant prolific signet marigold, there is a marigold out there that will fit into just about any container.They are good for brightening up containers, paying tribute to a tall thriller plant, or even bringing in the pollinators while being a neighborly plant.


Petunias are a longtime favorite when it comes to non-stop color. It comes in pretty much any color you can imagine, with interesting flower varieties such as stripes, doubles, fragrant varieties, minis, and extra-large ones. You should look for varieties that promote self-cleaning habits as a way to save yourself time. However, there is no need to deadhead these long-blooming, sun-loving, versatile show stoppers, which will save you time and effort.

Million Bells

Petunia-like flowers bloom prolifically on these million bells. These plants love the heat, so they are perfect for pots in full sunlight spaces. From spring until hard frost, the plant is covered with blossoms. Because Million Bells do not require deadheading, they are hardy and low maintenance. They grow spectacularly on their own without any maintenance.


This showy, vibrant, and colorful daisy performs best when planted in full sun. It is tolerant of low temperatures and drought. Its flowers continue to bloom throughout the winter without being deadheaded. It is breath-taking on its own or can also be used as a filler plant.


This flower is an amazing plant that can be used in an herb garden or to grow with vegetables. It is also a great choice for combining the border of annuals and perennials. It is a showy flower that thrives best in full sun and makes excellent cut flowers. Furthermore, the Calendula flower plant has many medicinal and edible uses as well.So, it can be an ideal choice for your flower garden.

Canna Lily

In hot weather, cannabis lilies bloom prolifically with iris-like flowers in hues of yellow, orange, and red in bright shades through the summer. In the north or during cooler summer months, gardeners will be able to make up for the absence of flowers with gorgeous tropical foliage.


Every child likes a Snapdragon plant that has a dragon face that, when squeezed, opens its jaws. This flower has a vibrant color that adorns its look. It is a playful spike flower that blooms prolifically in every shade of the rainbow. Snapdragon is a sun-loving plant. It is a good idea to pinch back plants early in the season to promote bushier plants and more prolific flowers.


Despite its ability to grow alone, petunia might be even better when it is grown in a group. This plant has gorgeous tubular blooms smothering its cascading vines in a variety of shades and colors. For the sake of reducing the chore of deadheading, you can look for self-cleaning varieties.

Black-Eyed-Susan Vine

A black-eyed Susan is considered to be the big sister of the bacopa plant, the flowers of which are attractive and seem to look like they’ve been pinned to the plant.Despite its tropical origins, this fantastic flowering plant can grow to a height of 20 feet annually. There is a possibility that this plant may grow up to 8 feet in a single season, so it can be used to cover an area and enjoy a vibrant beautiful garden around you.


Nasturtium is a plant that looks spicy and has flavourful edible leaves and flowers. It climbs, hangs, and grows into mounds. This beautiful plant forms a stunning backdrop to the flame-colored flowers that bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds adore due to their lily-like leaves.


Probably one of the most beautiful old-fashioned favorite flower is Verbena. However, the cascading fragrance of Verbena flowers creates a sense of childlike wonder and a sense of permanence. This flower blooms from spring through frost in shades of white, pink, coral, mauve, and royal purple. It thrives in the sun, attracts butterflies, does not need deadheading, makes a beautiful bouquet in a wildflower style, and is drought and heat-tolerant.

Closing Words

Potted flower gardening is undoubtedly an amazing activity that is worth exploring for all seasons. However, the hobby of container flower gardening is also addictive, creating pleasure for all the senses, not just for the gardener but also for those around them. Try out planting the abovementioned flowers in your garden this time.

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