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3 Reasons You Need Aromatic Vanilla Body Butter in Your Life

Of all the skincare products out there, body butter may be one of the most nourishing. It’s often made with ingredients like shea and mango butters. Of course, that’s just scratching the surface. Some body butters are made with ingredients that are even more luscious, like tallow from grass-fed cows. That, combined with shea butter, can leave the skin feeling rejuvenated. Then there are the aromas. Body butter is ideally suited for all kinds of aromatic additions, from citrus to lavender to vanilla. For many, vanilla is a standout scent. There’s something comforting and nostalgic about its calm yet invigorating scent. It’s more complex than it tends to get credit for. When you combine the scent of vanilla with skin-nourishing ingredients like shea and mango butter, you get vanilla body butter. It’s indulgent, your skin loves it, and it deserves a place in your daily skincare regimen.

Vanilla Body Butter Deeply Nourishes and Moisturizes the Skin

Your skin deserves all you can give it. Eating right and staying hydrated lay the foundation for healthy skin, but they’re not always enough. There are countless factors that can work against your skin, from the sun to dry air. To help balance things out, turn to body butter. It comes back to ingredients like tallow from grass-fed cows, mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E. All these ingredients help to nourish and moisturize the skin. After a bath or shower, your skin is usually the most receptive to skincare products. Apply the vanilla body butter and watch as it’s absorbed. It can leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. When your skin feels soft and smooth, you know it’s nourished and moisturized!

Vanilla Body Butter Helps Restore the Skin

When you notice your skin is looking flaky, dull, and tired, it’s time to reach for a restorative product. For everything below the neck, vanilla body butter can make a difference. It can help restore dry skin—skin that can look and feel rough and flaky. It can also help restore dehydrated skin—skin that can look uneven and tired. For quick reference, dry skin tends to be a surface-level condition. Dehydrated skin is usually deeper. If you pinch your skin, and it’s slow to snap back or has a more wrinkled or creased look, it may be dehydrated. You can do something about both! The ingredients in body butter are nourishing and hydrating enough to take care of both dry and dehydrated skin. So, if you need to restore your skin, vanilla body butter gives you an exquisite option.

Vanilla Body Butter is an Aromatic Experience

Vanilla body butter may be getting all the attention, but there’s a good reason for it. There are a lot of other aromas out there. Some are fruity and others are floral. But for the moment, vanilla deserves a moment in the spotlight. It’s often called “basic.” But in reality, it’s complex. Real vanilla has multiple notes and can be an unbeatable aromatic experience. It’s comforting, nostalgic, and delectable. In body butter, it can remind you of baking cookies as a kid or standing in an ice cream shop waiting to order. After you apply aromatic body butter, the scent can stay with you as you go about your day. Between leaving your skin nourished and moisturized, leaving you smelling of vanilla is, well, the icing on the cake.

About Primally Pure

Primally Pure has the real, wholesome skincare you’ve been looking for. Each skin and hair care product is made with natural ingredients sourced for purity and potency. Did you know tallow from grass-fed cows is incredibly nourishing and moisturizing? That’s why you’ll find it in Primally Pure’s Non Toxic Deodorant, Almond + Vanilla Body Butter, and more. You’ll also find wholesome ingredients in their baby soap bar and Natural Dry Shampoo. This approach extends to their wellness tools, such as their Gua Sha stone and dry brushes. They have everything you need for a wellness routine that gives back to your skin and whole self. Their plentiful resources, like videos teaching invigorating dry brush face and body techniques, help you get the most out of your favorite Primally Pure products.

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Beverly Dasenbrock

I sold my makeup and beauty company two years ago to start a new career in blogging about health and beauty products. While I did enjoy running a successful beauty brand, I realized that my true calling was education. So many people are misinformed when it comes to makeup, so I’ve started writing about myths, misconceptions, and products in the industry! Thanks for checking out my profile and I hope you can use my expertise to make the decisions to change your makeup game!

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