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4 Reasons Why Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework For 2023

Laravel Is The Best PHP Framework

PHP is one of the most popular technologies for website and web app development that also offers various frameworks. Therefore, choosing the right PHP framework for your development project is essential.

Laravel is a widely used PHP framework that comes with various benefits. It is an open-source PHP framework that offers various features and functionalities aiming to meet the demands of every business. Its popularity is largely due to its clear and simple code structure with elegant syntax. 

Furthermore, Laravel is one of the best PHP frameworks, as it is updated with new features to offer a more secure and user-centric development solution. You can invest in Laravel development services to help you build the right solution based on your needs.

Don’t opt for Laravel just because we’re saying so. Look at the reasons why it’s the best PHP framework in this blog and decide for yourself.

Top Reasons To Choose Laravel in 2023


Laravel focuses extensively on security measures such as password management, data encryption, user authentication, user log-in and sign-up, and route protection.

The integrity of the web application and the code can be protected by using Laravel. To prevent outsiders’ unauthorized access, you can generate CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) token every time it receives a login request. 

Additionally, Laravel comes with an in-built encryption mechanism. A secure method for storing and creating passwords is provided by the Hash facade using the bcrypt hashing algorithm.

It uses predefined SQL statements for web apps and websites for extreme protection from injection attacks. Therefore, Laravel can offer you a more secure web solution, and you should consider partnering with a Laravel development company.

Seamless Database Migration

For various reasons, the migration of the database may be required, which is easy with Laravel.  Databases such as SQL or MySQL Server are compatible with Eloquent. It also ensures seamless data flow when switching the databases by transforming the details regarding the configurations of Laravel.

One can also help package assets and manage database migrations and seeding by using Artisan Console. It protects the users from building code skeletons. Therefore, users can easily migrate the code.

Object-Oriented Libraries

The Laravel framework offers expressive syntax that makes it object-oriented. While working with PHP frameworks, developers get object-oriented libraries, 20+ pre-installed modular, and secondary tools for creating robust web applications. Therefore, when you hire Laravel developers, they can adopt the latest principles of PHP languages to facilitate modular and responsive web app development.

Some individual modules of Laravel are so unique that they cannot be found in most other PHP frameworks. Additionally, various libraries are supported in both Laravel and Symfony. As both these frameworks follow MVC architecture, it allows for compatibility of the code written using either of the frameworks. This code can thus be easily modified and maintained.

IoT with Laravel

The IoT (Internet of Things) describes a future in which devices and objects are connected to the internet. The Internet of Things is based on the idea that things can collect and exchange data without human intervention. Using Laravel, developers will be able to create web applications that interact with physical devices in real-time.

Which PHP framework Should You Use – Laravel vs. CodeIgniter?


Not only those mentioned above, but features like MVC architecture, streamlined unit testing, command-line interface, route protection, the built-in ORM implementation, powerful templating, etc., are reasons to choose Laravel for web app and website development.

Therefore, Laravel is here to stay for a longer period. You can hire a Laravel development company to build robust and scalable web apps and websites.

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