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4 Things You Need to Know When You Start Wearing Platform Heels

When it comes to new footwear, platform heels can seem intimidating, especially if you’ve never worn any before. But they can be one of the most fun and striking pairs of shoes you wear. You just need to start your platform journey the right way. Here are four tips and tricks to help you master platforms and turn every sidewalk, dance floor, and restaurant into your own personal runway.

Platform 101

Heels are all about height. Who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd and show off their legs? That’s what makes heels so special. But a big concern for anyone new to tall heels is the feeling of walking around in such an extreme shoe. Thankfully, platform heels can be one of the best ways to alleviate that worry. Platforms can give you all the height you want without the extreme angles of other pumps and stilettos. The platform itself is what helps you stand tall. It adds all the inches while the angle of the sole is smaller. Instead of standing on your toes, you’ll be supported throughout your whole foot. If you’re new to heels, remember that platform height, and not the angle of the sole, is what you need for stunning looks.

Spend Some Time Breaking in Your Platform Heels

Whether you’re entirely new to platforms or just bought your fifth new pair, you need to take time to break them in. You don’t want your first experience marked with stiff shoes that don’t feel quite right. So, when you first get them, wear them around the house for a bit. Consider putting on some thick socks to help loosen up any areas that might pinch you. This is also the perfect time to try on some outfits and pick the perfect combination to blow everyone away.

Concentrate on How You Walk

Walking in platform heels is a skill. When you see someone rocking their platforms and navigating the dance floor easily, know that you can get to that point. It just takes a little bit of concentration and practice. Make sure every step is deliberate and under control. Remember to balance your weight along your whole foot and walk heel-to-toe. You’ll probably have to engage your core muscles a bit to start, but who doesn’t love a little extra workout?

Don’t Be Afraid to Wear a Loud Style

Platform heels are all about standing out from the crowd. You’re showing the world your style and telling them that you will be the best dressed at every party you go to. Platforms shouldn’t be quiet, and neither should you. This is the perfect time to pick a loud style that steals the show—something that builds your mecidiyeköy escort confidence.

A shiny gold colorway? Rock those platforms like a gold medal. Sparkling silver heels? You’ll be the center of every party. Floral prints? There’s no better way to get in a lighthearted mood. Get those loud platform heels you’ve had your eye on, and watch your confidence soar.

There’s a lot to learn about platform heels, but these tips are a good starting point. The best way to become an expert is through firsthand experience. So find a pair you love and find every chance you can to wear them. You’ll go from beginner to pro in no time.

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