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5 Key steps to Create an Effective Digital Wallets Business Strategy

During the COVID-19 outbreak, digital wallets have become extremely popular. Perhaps you’ve heard about Venmo’s meteoric rise from 10 million to 40 million users and a threefold increase in annual payment volume in only two years. It might have taken a tad longer than planned, but digital wallets appear to have caught fire. In 2020, you can utilize a digital wallet to increase sales.

Mobile wallets are on the rise, according to MasterCard, and digital sales are on the rise, according to an American Express poll – despite security worries. If you’re a merchant who hasn’t yet joined the party, now is the time to do so. What exactly is it? You still haven’t bought into the hype? This article is formed to make you learn about a few ways to develop a mobile wallet app that might increase sales.

Digital Wallet: What Is It All About?

A digital wallet is a digital payment solution, software, some electronic device, or perhaps an internet service that allows individuals or organizations to conduct electronic transactions. It keeps track of users’ payment information for various payment methods on multiple websites. And other products like gift cards and driver’s licences.

A digital wallet is typically carried in the format of a smartphone app, but it can also be used on a desktop. Due to its mobility and versatility, the mobile app is perhaps the most important representation of the digital wallet.

In some circumstances, digital wallets have become more convenient to use, but they are also safer than conventional wallets. Users must first download a specific app created by a bank or a trusted third party to use a digital wallet.

What Is A Digital Wallet In 2021-2022?

Digital payment solutions in the form of digital wallets is software-base apps that enable centralized. And secure admittance to passwords and other payment details, typically for various mobile-based payment methods. They are classic banking disruptors, offering debit and credit cards, loans, and investments while intruding into banking turf.

Unbanked and underbanked people use digital wallets as an access point to just a variety of financial services. Whereas top digital payment trends suggest that individuals may find banking services inaccessible or inconvenient, digital wallets’ quick online onboarding, including KYC checks, is appealing and doable.

Unbanked people become more financially resilient as they become more familiar with digital wallets and regularly utilize them as consumers or merchants.

Key Element And Right Strategies For Your Digital Wallet

Wallets provide a valuable route for financial institutions, including their retail networks, to convert wallet holders in and out of loyal consumers who return to transact through the wallet.

Furthermore, loyal customers are more likely to recommend brands to their friends or coworkers, resulting in new client acquisition through word-of-mouth.

Extremely User-friendly UI

Build a mobile wallet app that is highly enjoyable and simple to use if you want potential users to keep using it. In this case, a pleasing user interface also contributes to a positive consumer experience (UX).

So, consider creating an engaging UI that provides improved UX right from the start. Regardless of the various components and criteria of your service. It’s critical to make sure it looks nice and is simple to use.

Adding and removing credit, debit, and identity cards from the app should be simple. These cards, as well as any associated accounts, should be set up in an easy-to-manage manner.

Analyze Data And Provide Recommendations

All transactions made via the app must be save and analyzed. This method provides information about user expenditure and allows for cross-selling. For example, if it’s a banking app, you may give a discount on insurance or investing opportunities.

It should also include budgeting guidelines and monthly or weekly suggestions on adequately managing one’s finances, among other things.

Our customer e-bate app: audit trails are available across the system, allowing you to get the information you need at the correct time.

Allow For Seamless Transactions

Users should be able to pay with only touch when it comes to making the payments which can become one of the most excellent merchant payment solutions. You’ll see a lot of app abandonment if the end-user will have to go through multiple stages to complete it.

Keep in mind that the main goal here should be that the digital wallet solution makes things easier for consumers. So keep that in mind as you go through each iteration. Users will return to the eWallet if transactions are seamless, and hence this should be prioritized in each upgrade.

Do you require professional support with the design and development of your digital mobile wallet? Please contact us to learn more about how Evolve can assist you.

Synchronisation Of Data

Whenever it comes to online purchasing, customers should be able to purchase without having to submit their credit card information.

Important passwords connect with each account are also store in digital wallets. Users can receive important information from the real without needing to log in using this method.

This information, however, should be synchronize between devices. As a result, the user will have access to the correct data whether they switch from smartphones to a tablet.

Confidentiality And Safety

Finally, your eWallet will be useless if it lacks sufficient privacy and security standards. As a result, it must be built on a solid foundation of tight confidentiality and security. After all, you’re dealing with sensitive information that, if compromised, may have serious ramifications.

To maintain regulatory compliance, your eWallet application should be password protected and include features such as biometric technology such as fingerprint reading and QR-code validation which falls under 2-factor authentication.

It also aids in the deployment of real-time monitoring to boost security. When all of these security methods are combine, your eWallet will be more secure. To make it impregnable, Apple Pay combines biometric characteristics with tokenization.

Summing Up

E-wallets will become the standard as the world becomes increasingly digital. You’ll publish an up-to-date, reliable payment solution if you construct your digital wallet and all the components above.

Despite these benefits, all participants are typically concerned about the possible negative competitive consequences of forming or joining such an interoperability agreement. Other carriers free-riding on existing infrastructure and failing to roll out their acceptance points is one of the most prominent worries.


Nikunj Gundaniya, Product manager Digipay.guru, one of the leading Digital Fintech Solutions providers, which provides mobile finance application development services. He is a visionary leader whose flamboyant management style has given profitable results for the company. He believes in the mantra of giving 100% to his work.

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