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6 Best Pet-Proof Fabrics To Protect Your Furniture

Pets are our important family members for the love and light they add to our lives. They are always cheerful and happy, but sometimes out of that happiness, they are always up to some mischief. If you are a pet owner, you might relate to finding your pet hairs here and there on your couches, beds, and chairs. Moreover, slightly chewed pieces of your couch are a very common sight. At this point, considering pet barriers for home becomes necessary to avoid wear and tear of your furniture. However, as much as it is important to look for pet barriers, you must also look for furniture made of pet-friendly fabrics. 

Best Pet-Friendly Fabrics To Consider While Buying Furniture:


The rugged texture of denim fabric is extremely durable and doesn’t easily wear and tear from the claws of your dogs and cats. Moreover, the striking finish of denim is a stunning add-up to your home decor. The easy-to-clean acid-washed denim couches are a perfect example of pet-proof furniture. Furthermore, it takes hardly any time to ward off your pet’s hair with denim fabric. You can simply rub baking soda paste and clean the material with soap to make your lovely denim couch shine again. The good news is that they are inexpensive to buy. For instance, denim sofas and denim-proof beds are very easy to find.


Leather fabric is known for its versatility, thickness, and durability. Moreover, it is a great combination of aesthetics and stain-free quality. However, pet scratches can wither away the surfaces of a leather piece. To avoid such wear and tear, you can place a couch guard cat claw protection on the arms of your couch to create a barrier for your pet to jump on your couch. But it’s also true that genuine leather will not rupture in the coming future, even if your pet’s claws are sharp. Therefore, buying a leather couch will be the best choice if you have a cat. In addition, the tough and thick leather texture makes it an ideal pet-friendly fabric. 


When it comes to buying pet barriers for home, canvas fabric is the best choice to opt for. It Is greatly known for upholstering furniture pieces because of its durability and sturdiness. Since blended cotton with synthetic fabrics makes a canvas fabric, it is stain-resistant. The tightly woven yarn of a canvas fabric makes it effortless to eliminate dirt, dust, and your pet’s hair. The best part is that canvas-made furniture is highly inexpensive. They are great at locking your pet odors, following so you can avoid sticky smells spreading away in your home. You can consider buying canvas-protected couches and canvas-made pet-friendly beds for hurdle-free living. 


These natural fibers are wrinkle-free and relatively very strong compared to other fabrics, which makes them an ideal choice for pet owners. In addition, the fabric has a soft feel which significantly helps clean the fabric off pet hairs. Moreover, the water-proof quality of microfiber fabric is a cherry on the cake. If your pet stains and drools a lot, you can pick a couch made of microfibers as you and your pets will also feel cozy with the smooth finish. You only need a little soap and water to clean the sofa. 


The luxuriously soft feel is how people remember a velvet fabric. This high-maintenance fabric is a massive hit among pet owners. It is a symbol of class, yet fabric pets adore it. Especially cats love the squishiness and warmth of velvet. However, it is good to still adopt pet-proof measures. So, you should consider buying a couch guard cat claw protection for safety. The soft finish makes them feel cozy.

Moreover, it doesn’t wither away soon. You might know that the short pile fiber is also a great fabric for locking odor. Folks who want high-end pet-friendly furniture options should consider opting for velvet couches. 

Outdoor fabric

Synthetic fibers like polyester and acrylic make the outdoor fabrics an outstanding choice to buy for pets. They repel moisture and even ward off harmful bacteria from the fabric flawlessly. In addition, they are trendy and stain-free fabric. It is an absolutely smart choice pet owners can make to not miss on both style and durability. Lastly, if you are looking for reasonable and inexpensive pet-proof options, then the outdoor fabric is what you should look for. 


Make the right choice for pet-proofing your furniture, as it can be challenging. Many pet owners make the mistake of focusing on buying pet-proof devices and machines, but they often neglect the fabrics they should keep in mind while you think of buying pet-proof furniture. Soft fabrics like cotton and linen wither away in no time, affected by your dog’s scratches and claws. On the other hand, the slippery fabrics and soft cushions with no sturdiness invite more damage than you may think. 

Therefore, make practical choices of considering materials like leather, canvas, denim, etc, for pet-friendly furniture. Be cautious if your pet starts chewing away your furniture; distract them by giving interactive pet toys to play with. Hence, by opting for these pet-friendly fabrics, you can finally look for a solution to protect your furniture from your four-footer.

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