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7 Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Company

Are you looking for insights into the best programming languages for mobile app development?

If yes, then the post can be your shot!

Choosing the appropriate programming language can help you build the dynamic product that you always dreamed of.  

We will guide you throughout the post that helps you pick the most appropriate language. So, without any further delay, let’s move into.

Also, reach out to the experts of the best iOS or android application development company that builds a robust application while picking out the most suitable language. 

Top Programming Language for Mobile App Development

The section has covered the factors, pros, and cons of various programming languages, from which you can pick your choice. So, let’s get started and explore throughout the guide. 

1. Kotlin

Kotlin is quite demanding among developers who want to develop some modern android applications. An entrepreneur can have a high-graded and full-fledged application when integrated with Kotlin. Coursera and Evernote are some of the most popular apps built with this technology. 

Exciting Features

  • Compatible with operator overloading
  • Open-source
  • Minimizes the startup time


  • Produces compact, cleaner, and simple code
  • Compatible with Google and IDE’s installation 
  • Concise and clean


  • Slower performance
  • Hard for developers to learn

2. C#

‘C-sharp’ provides the best outcomes for cross-platform app development and the developer can make an impactful product with the amalgamation of other languages like JAVA, Objective-C, and Swift. 

Dynamic Features

  • It offers a functional rich library
  • Has update features
  • Secure and safe code
  • Structured


  • Most liked
  • Simple, fast, and easy to deploy
  • General-purpose 


  • Missing an alphabet can bring confusion
  • Hard for developers to learn and execute. 

3. JavaScript

One of the most appropriate languages for apps is JavaScript which is used to design apps on various devices or websites. It is compatible with other programming languages. Moreover, the experts recommend it as one of the best picks for dynamic builds. 

Robust Features

  • Time functions and built-in date
  • Provides good support to dynamic typing
  • A lightweight, prototype-based, and platform-independent 


  • Flexible
  • Easy to tackle
  • Plenty of room for variation


  • Having browser support problems
  • Vulnerable in terms of malicious activity

4. C++

C++ helps developers to build the high-graded android application. It can make a robust application with all the capabilities to beat the challenges. You can take assistance from the best android application development company skilled in building top-notch solutions. 

Dynamic Capabilities

  • Easy to use
  • High-level
  • Provides built-in libraries


  • Full control
  • Fast and stable
  • Ready to use inbuilt libraries


  • Most Complicated
  • Not compatible with memory allocation. 

5. PHP

Most developers trust this for building apps that require database access. Despite this, the language is used for various purposes like command-line scripting, server-side scripting, and coding application. In addition, you can build heavy and dynamic apps with the use of it. 

Exciting Features

  • Provides compatibility with all databases
  • Open-source language
  • Logs real-time access


  • Runs excellently and loads quickly
  • Protection against security threats
  • An easy-to-learn language for learners
  • Supports smooth integration


  • Not an appropriate option for more extensive applications
  • Offers a better error handling
  • Hard to maintain


It is an easy-to-operate language that gives the best support regarding documentation and community. Additionally, the developers can create various solutions with it, like server apps, websites, android apps, and games. 

Most-Liked Features

  • Can be easily interpreted
  • Server-side and robust programming 
  • Ensures program security


  • Compact and versatile 
  • Machine-independent 
  • Codes can run on browsers, machines, or other platforms


  • Hard to be implemented
  • Bug-friendly
  • Written-class libraries are poor

7. Swift

You can pick Swift for developing iOS, tvOS, and OS X apps. Besides, flexibility and stability are characteristics of this dynamic language. Moreover, you can integrate any modern and trending feature into your application with the help of Swift. Examples of apps built with it are LinkedIn and Lyft. 

Dynamic Roles 

  • Can easily fix errors
  • Safe and secure
  • Free-standing IDE


  • Simple execution on Cocoa Touch platforms
  • Easy to understand 
  • Fix bugs 
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Crafts fast and quick software


  • Unstable
  • Pretty young for crafting heavy applications. 

To Sum it Up!

You must ensure everything from programming language to technology stack while developing your app. Only a few can build the most appropriate solution for the users worldwide with the right features, technologies, and languages. 

So, read this whole guide to get a clear understanding of all the languages. After learning the pros, cons, and robust capabilities, you can pick the best one and build a powerful application with the best android app development company

We hope that you have resolved your queries regarding the post. However, let us consult us in the comment section for more doubts and questions. Our experts will provide the proper assistance and help you shape your dream. 

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