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7 Reasons Liquid Castile Soap Should Be Your New Go-To Soap

If castile soap doesn’t top your list of most versatile household products, it should! For everyday living, liquid castile soap truly is a multipurpose wonder. It’s also easy to incorporate such a multitasking product into your daily cleansing, washing, and self-care routines. Plus, it’s an excellent non-toxic replacement for detergents and other conventional household cleaners made with harsh ingredients. Here are seven reasons why liquid castile soap is a must-have household item and an excellent all-purpose soap.

Castile Soap Originated in Spain

What is it that makes this special type of soap so practical? Originally, castile soap was made from pure olive oil thousands of years ago in the Castile region of Spain. Therefore, some believe castile soap was the first vegetable-based soap and an alternative to soaps made with animal fats. Castile soaps today are still plant-based, and they’re typically blended with other oils in addition to olive oil, like sunflower oil and coconut oil. Castile soap can be made as a hard soap or an easy-to-use liquid soap. Liquid castile soap comes in a variety of scents and often includes beneficial botanical oils.

Uses for Liquid Castile Soap

Look no further than liquid castile soap to get nearly any job done, whether it’s washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cleansing your body, washing your pet’s fur, or general cleaning. If you’re new to this soap or want some tips on how to use it, here are a few suggestions.

A Great Hand Soap

Are you ready to replace the conventional hand soap in your bathroom? Liquid castile hand soap is available in bottles with pumps. Pick up a few bottles for the kitchen and bathrooms in your home. Soothe your senses with a familiar lavender scent. Or, choose unscented versions for a fragrance-free experience. A concentrated castile soap is tough enough for just about any job but gentle on your skin. Keep an eye out for nourishing options made with aloe and essential oils.

Effective Laundry Detergent

Castile soap is also a gentler alternative to conventional laundry detergents. Wash your clothes, or baby clothes and cloth diapers, with 1/4 cup per load in the washing machine. Additionally, some people put a little baking soda in their washing machine for a deeper clean.

Non-Stripping Face and Body Wash

Squirt a few drops of soap on your washcloth if you want to try it as a facial cleanser. A gentle cleanse won’t strip your skin of its natural oils, but it can help remove dirt. In fact, you can try washing your entire body from head to toe. For bathing, add a few capfuls of castile soap to your bathtub.

Floor Cleaner and General Cleaning

Another great use for castile soap is general cleaning tasks around the house. Add 1/4 cup castile soap to a quart of water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. For bigger jobs, like mopping the floor, you can use one part castile soap to four parts water. Cleaning with castile soap is an eco-friendly and non-toxic way to keep your home clean and smelling fresh.

Dog Shampoo

If it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for your furry friend. Lather up your pup or kitty and give them a thorough clean. You can mix one part soap with two parts water for an effective pet wash solution. If you find you need more or less soap, feel free to adjust as necessary. As an all-purpose cleaner, you can experiment with the best ratios for your particular needs in any situation.

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