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A Summary On Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance For The Best Cooling Solution

Commercial refrigeration systems require regular preservation just like any other application. It is recommended to schedule trained technicians to visit approximately once a year to clean and inspect every refrigeration maintenance London unit.

How Much Maintenance Do My Commercial Refrigerator Really Require?

It is likely that the refrigerators in your business are an essential part of your food service company. They store your perishable items that you utilise every day! Thus, maintaining the upkeep of these refrigerators is vitally important.

It is your responsibility to ensure that they are able to ensure that your products aren’t rotting and causing your customers to get sick. Pay them back for the important contribution they make to your company by taking good treatment of them!

What Should I Do For Maintenance?

If you own commercial refrigeration you must ensure that you keep your fridge tidy. Cleaning the parts of your refrigerator in good condition can prolong the life of the whole unit.

If you’re not confident in cleaning your refrigerator then you can always contact one of our skilled experts to wash it every month. Although you don’t need to clean every part that needs to be cleaned regularly, some need it.

Clean all of the components listed below:

  •         Condenser coil
  •         Fan blades & motor
  •         Refrigerator doors
  •         Interior of refrigerator
  •         The interior of Commercial Refrigerator

It’s the interior that’s the easiest part to get clean, so we’ll start from there. It’s essential that you do not apply bleach, steel wool, or any other caustic chemicals while you clean the inside or the exterior of your refrigerator for commercial use.

They may cause damage to the inside of your refrigerator, or create strong smells that can persist in the food that you store there. It is easy to cleanse the inside of your refrigerator by using moderate soap as well as warm water.

Fan Blades & Motor

For cleaning the fan blades on your commercial refrigeration maintenance and motor, you simply have to scrub both with the help of a soft cloth. If the fan blades need an extensive clean, place the motor in dry cloths to avoid any damage due to the water.

Refrigerator Doors

When you’re ready to attach them again ensure that the gaskets for the door are dry before sealing them. Also, you should take down your refrigerator’s shelves and scrub every week.

Condenser Coil

Every month, you must clean your commercial refrigerator’s condenser coil. The location of the coil can be different however; you will find it in the manual of the owner.

For the condenser coil you must use cleaning products for condenser coils that are commercially available. Don’t move across the fins. After cleaning you can straighten any fins which have been bent during the cleaning. After that, you’re done.

Between regular visits by trained commercial refrigeration technicians, you need to maintain the hygiene in your fridge. It’s not just to prolong the life of the appliance and that’s not enough reason however, it can also ensure your food items stay fresh!

Commercial Refrigeration Preventive Maintenance

Making the best preventive checklist and a great preventive maintenance software can go hand-in-hand. For commercial refrigeration systems having a checklist place can help ensure the consistency of the business and provide personnel with a solid framework.

Six Tasks You Must Include In Your Checklist Of Preventive Maintenance For Commercial Refrigeration

If you’re using an emergency or breakdown maintenance program and you have a solid checklist in place. While your checklist and the maintenance from air conditioning company London may differ from one asset to the next assets, there are important steps to be included on every checklist.

The Maintenance Checklist You Plan To Use Should Contain:

  1. A Thorough Equipment Clean

A thorough interior and exterior cleaning is a must in every routine maintenance list. It is recommended that this cleaning task be carried out during the course of your weekly or daily maintenance for the best outcomes.

It’s a minor but vital step, as build-up of grime or other debris could cause problems with airflow, mould development and contamination of food items.

  1. Setups For Temperature And Defrost Check

The process of checking the temperature and defrost capacity is a straightforward but crucial action for the refrigeration unit. In your maintenance plan, you should include the process on a weekly basis to get the best outcomes.

In long-term periods over time, this could reduce the lifespan of your equipment and result in a high power bill. If the temperature of your system is not correct, your customers could also experience problems with excessive ice formation or loss of food. In addition, ensuring that your defrost works according to the schedule is crucial to ensure that you are not overworking your equipment.

  1. Increase Your Airflow

Both exterior and interior airflow is essential for refrigeration units. Without proper airflow the system will inevitably fail and affect the efficiency of the refrigerator.

  1. Test The Interior Lights

If the light in the refrigerator of a customer is defective and fails to stop it will produce more heat. Your equipment will need to work extra hard to fight the excessive heat, and could result in increased energy costs.

  1. Look For Leaks And Test Seals

Wear and tear could cause seals to fail and leaks within your system. If you are having issues with your door gaskets, or door seals for your refrigeration unit You will notice that there is a leak of cool air.

  1. Check Coils

While your commercial refrigeration maintenance is different in the course of time, having these six steps in your process will guarantee you have an established framework to supply your employees with. The advantages of preventive maintenance could aid your business in improving relationships with customers, extend the lifespan of your assets, and reduce inadvertent downtime.

Mark Steven

At Aircon Company UK, Mark Steven is a marketing consultant with a far-sighted vision and an open-minded approach. Mark contributes to Air Con's brand exposure, reputation, and commercial success. Aside from that, he is eager to contribute his knowledge by writing blogs about the sector.

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