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Acne and oily skin: Cause and treatment

Oily skin refers to those who, because of excessive sebum production or poor skin renewal, have more shine around the forehead, nose, and perioral areas. There are many reasons for oily skin. However, there are also ways to get rid of it. However, oily skin can lead to more severe problems such as acne.

Acne is most common in adolescents because of hormonal changes. However, it can also affect people older than 25 years because of other factors that are not directly related to hormonal changes. There are ways to prevent it from happening and to fix it. Here are the possible causes and treatments.


What causes oily skin?

Some parts of the skin are oilier than others. It is the forehead, nose, and perioral. Because the size of the sebaceous cells is different, they are often larger on the upper back and face. They are also more concentrated in certain parts.

Why is it that some people have oily skin while others don’t? Oily skin is caused by the poor organization of the epidermis. One, there are people with skin that produces more oil than usual, and the other, dyskeratosis. This is due to skin regeneration being deficient. That is, dead stratum corneum cells are not properly shed.


These are the most common reasons

Genetic: Genetics, like other health problems, can influence the skin type we have.

Hormonal changes: They are responsible for most acne-producing hormones.

Stress and other psychosocial factors: Stress can cause more sweating and more oil production.

Environmental and social causes: The environment, pollution, excess humidity, and eventually the environment, can all have an impact. The diet we eat has an impact on how much fat is produced in our skin. Fat enhancers include red meat, refined flour, and added sugars.


What causes acne?

Acne can be described as a pilosebaceous, inflammatory disease. Does Red Light Therapy Help Acne? Acne is a pilosebaceous inflammatory disease that can cause skin lesions such as cysts, papules, and pustules. Acne is caused by fat accumulation within the follicle. This is what causes inflammation.

Oily skin is the source of acne, even if it’s only temporary. Its causes are therefore closely related to those of oily skin. In this instance, hormonal changes play an important role. The appearance of acne can be influenced by hormonal changes, particularly in women.

Late acne is a type of acne that appears after the age of 25. It has been on the rise over recent years. It isn’t known why this has happened, but factors like diet and pollution may be to blame.


Solutions and treatment for oily skin

While there is no magic cure for these skin areas, there are treatments that can help you manage your symptoms, prevent future complications, and even treat any existing acne.

Good nutrition, low in fat, can help to reduce the amount of fat we produce. Avoiding pollution and reducing stress are important ways to prevent it. It is important to understand the root causes of acne to find a solution. This problem can also be solved with the help of some pharmacy products.

Also, you can check more related to beauty and health-related topics here. And tell us about your thoughts in the comment section.

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