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All You Need to Know About Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11: What You Need to Know

It was the year 1985 when Microsoft launched its first operating system called Windows. Today, the OS feels different but somehow the same. Over the last three decades, the OS has seen more computing powers and a shift from mice and keyboards to touchscreens. But that is not all! Windows gave a secure place to the people where they composed their first email and wrote their first line of code.

As the world is now progressing towards the future, Microsoft has released Windows 11. Since this is the latest OS from the company, you must be equally excited to know more about it as you would have been to know about different prices just check on Spectrum bill pay and get the best TV and internet deals. So, let’s not keep you waiting

What’s New About Windows 11

Windows 11 has a lot to offer! Microsoft made sure to surprise the users with their latest innovation, and they successfully succeeded. Here are some of the changes that you should know about:

#1. Start Button

When you install Windows 11, the first change you would notice is the location of the start button. It is no longer located in the corner. Instead, you will find it in the center of the taskbar. With it, you will notice other icons for different applications. You can even pin the icons of your favorite apps to the taskbar. You can even personalize the taskbar if you want.

#2. Start Menu

You don’t have to pin apps to the Start menu anymore. Instead, there will be a heading in the menu called Pinned, where you will find all the applications. And while the majority of the icons will surface there automatically, you would have the choice to remove or add them. What’s more? There will be a recommended section where you will find not only the recently accessed files but also other programs.

#3. Settings

The settings menu in Windows 11 will look a whole lot different than in Windows 10. You will find different things here. For instance, there will be an option for you to rename your computer. Then, you will find widgets that would show all the paired devices. You can also find battery information in settings. Furthermore, there will be different subfolders on the side that you can visit to explore more options.

#4. Keyboard

Yes, a keyboard! On Windows 11, you will be able to view an on-screen keyboard that will be equipped with different features. For instance, it will have GIFs, emojis, handwriting recognition, a clipboard, and word suggestion. In addition, the OS will offer six different wallpapers that you can select for your desktop.

#5. Dynamic Refresh Rate

If you own a laptop, then there is an option on Windows 11 called the dynamic refresh rate, which will prolong the battery life of the device. You see, there are many laptops that have a refresh rate of 60 Hz. However, this is changing. Many manufacturers are now producing laptops with more refresh rates. But why? Well, they are doing this because of the gamers. The device becomes much more responsive and doesn’t lag much, making for a smoother gameplay experience. However, it consumes the battery much faster. Hence, Windows 11 has offered the option of a dynamic refresh rate. You can enable it to do less critical tasks such as reading emails.

The Interesting Features of Windows 11

Now that you know what’s new about Windows 11, let’s have a glance over the feature of this operating system:

#1. Integration of Android Apps

Yes, you read that right! Android apps will now be integrated into Windows 11. This is surely an exciting time for Android fans. But from where will you be able to get the apps? Well, you can do so from the Amazon Appstore or the new Microsoft Store.

#2. Smooth Gameplay Experience

Windows 11 is going to take care of gamers. How? Well, you will be pretty excited to know that this operating system will have Xbox tech. Moreover, it is loaded with cool features like Direct Storage and Auto HDR, which will make your gameplay experience really smooth.

#3. Better Multitasking

Snap Layouts and Snap Groups will show you all the apps that you have been recently using all at once. Windows 11 will allow you to switch tasks easily by letting you minimize or open the apps at the same time. Moreover, you would be able to plug and unplug from a monitor without any hassle.


Microsoft’s Windows 11 has certainly created a lot of buzzes, as it should. After all, this operating system is loaded with exciting features. Moreover, the interface has a fresh look that you will really like. This OS is going to be a lot faster, making it easier for you to do your tasks without any hiccups. And as for the gamers, you will be able to enjoy all of your games without experiencing any lags. Since this OS is out now, how soon will you be upgrading to it?

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