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Best 10 Scary Pranks For Sleepovers

Best 10 Scary Pranks For Sleepovers

Do you have a group of people over in the evening? Then you’ll need lots of fun pranks to frighten them!

But first, remember The Golden Rule! Don’t take a prank too far, and do not prank people you fear will be offended. Pranks are supposed as fun and enjoyable for all! Make sure to check with an adult prior to you begin! Are you sure? Okay, now you can read to find some fantastic ideas for pranks that are scary to play at sleepovers! A witch name generator can generate character names, witch names, villain names, etc. Get some spooky names.

Scary Pranks

1. Create a fun surprise!

Find something that is scary such as a toy rat, a rubber snake, or an onion with googly eyes adorning it. Place it on top of something yummy in the refrigerator. Ask your victim to buy you a snack, and watch them experience the terror of their lives! Then… you’re scared of their entire life!

2. Get out and scream at someone (but better)

The classic jump to scare. There are numerous ways to entice someone however if you have a few minutes of planning, you’ll be very well! The trick is to locate a suitable hideout near your target. Find a suitable spot then wait to see them walk into the room. After that, continue to wait. Keep waiting. The longer you sit more they’ll not expect to hear about it! Boo!

3. Write a mischievous mirror message

Make use of a soapy finger to write a scary message on the mirror of your bathroom Then, cover it with a small amount of tissue so that you cannot be able to see the message. If the bathroom gets steamy, it will appear and you’ll be in a position to read the message! It’s quite shocking right after showering!

4. Tarantula eggs!

In order to do this, you’ll need a straight-faced face, and dried lentils, beans, or something similar. Sprinkle them all over your home (especially the areas where guests will be asleep) and information that they’re eggs from the pet tarantula of your neighbors that got away this past week. Inform them that they don’t have to worry, they’ll only need a few months to develop!

5. The terrifying movie prank

In the beginning, you must get that everyone at the sleepover goes to a horror movie! The next step is to ask for a little help from a friend or family member – perhaps a younger sister or brother or even an adult. After about 30 minutes into the film (when it’s becoming good and frightening) have your friend hit the window and leave.

They can also turn the lights off and on or make grunting and banging noises at the front of your house! Consider how they might make your guests nervous – and keep in mind that often, it’s better to be cautious!

6. The upper and lower wakers

In this case, it is necessary to create an eerie mask from cardboard prior to the sleepover getting underway. You must wait until the guests go asleep, then put your mask onto a ball or similar to the human head. Put the head mask that’s spooky on top of the sleeping friend and make it their first sight when they get up! Bonus points if you can get the mask really close!

7. The meat-based shower

After the sleepover is over You want your guests to be able to recall the next day! One option is to take off the shower head and then put an empty stock cube inside. Be sure to have the permission of an adult before doing this, in any case! When they are taking a relaxing shower the hot water turns the water into a weak gravy. This is a tasty and delicious way to begin the day! Don’t worry just take a bath or take the shower for a few minutes and then it will all be rid of. Be aware that vegetarian stock cubes are readily available!

8. Make some spooky sleepover food

There’s no sleepover that isn’t complete without snacks, but makes sure you sneak a couple of pranks in there as well! One of the best prank snacks is to cover something disgusting in chocolate! This one requires an adult to supervise, but be sure to melt the chocolate by heating it in the microwave, on low for a couple of seconds. Then, roll the melted Brussels bulb or pickled onion into it and let the chocolate dry! Mmm! Do-leee-shush!

9. Reset the clocks

An excellent idea is to set all the clocks in your home to be set a bit later. Everyone will wake up disoriented, believing it’s 4 am. Or more importantly, you’ll get an extra hour of fun at the sleepover before your parents are aware! Make sure you only do this trick when nobody has anything important to do like school or work!

10. The Confetti trap

This is a very well-known trick, and if you manage to pull it off, it’ll be a great way to make your guests sleepy! It’s a little messy but you should obtain consent from an adult prior to doing it. Find a small, cardboard box (not heavy) to fill up with all the confetti you can get. There is no need to purchase the confetti, simply cut the pieces of paper into very small pieces. You can accomplish this easily by folding the newspaper and cutting it into pieces. Then, place your box over the door and lean to the side against it. You can call your victim, and watch their facial confetti-filled face as they step through the door!


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