Best Internet Service Providers in Rural Areas

A variety of the best internet service provider is rural in the region. We’ll discuss HughesNet, ViaSat, Century Link, and Mediacom. Each offers different plans and prices. We also evaluate their customer service with the rivals. What is the most reliable broadband provider for the rural market? Check out this article to find out! We’re located in the countryside, which means we’re not accustomed to the big urban speeds, but we’re still connected to the Internet. We need a plan to access streaming videos and browse social media.


If you reside in a rural location, HughesNet is the best choice. With 1.5 million customers in the U.S., this satellite provider provides speedy Internet for businesses and consumers in remote regions. HughesNet also offers smart options for maximizing Internet usage, including saving video data. Another option worth considering is using the Bonus Zone, which lets users get 50 gigabytes more data each month. The Bonus Zone can be the ideal moment to download large-sized files, view films, or download system updates.

One of the most appealing advantages offered by HughesNet packages is that they do not have hard limits on data. If you go over the monthly allowance, data speed will decrease to one-to-three megabits each second. Furthermore, HughesNet received a bad rating in an earlier J.D. Power study and was ranked as the worst in the South. Viasat offers several plans to meet the needs of different customers and requirements, such as packages that allow users to utilize up to 150GB. However, any data exceeding the monthly allowance could be less important.


If you reside in a rural region and cannot have high-speed broadband Internet, you can utilize ViaSat, the ViaSat broadband satellite service. Viasat is a provider of internet services across more than 50 states, which includes rural regions. It’s a good choice for those who live in rural areas, although it’s not as extensive as HughesNet. However, it will provide enough Internet to perform everything you need to do.

One drawback of ViaSat is their speed for Internet isn’t constant from one location to the next. You could get 100 Megabits per second in one location; however, you will only get twelve megabits of data per second at another. While this may be slow, ViaSat is working to boost its speeds. They plan to achieve 100Mbps in 2022. People living in rural areas should be content with the 12 to 50Mbps speed that ViaSat provides.


If you reside in a rural location, it is possible to think about choosing Mediacom for your Internet service. This provider is capable of providing significantly faster speeds than other providers. The company can serve just 2 percent of the U.S. population and offers various broadband, phone, and video-related services. There are many advantages to using this provider; however, you must be aware of the drawbacks.
Mediacom provides broadband internet service in 22 states. It is the best choice for rural areas over fixed or satellite.

The Mediacom Internet 100 plan is a good option if you have a smaller house. It offers a speed of 100Mbps for downloads as well as robust wireless. It can also support as many as six different devices. The company provides a money-back assurance for 90 days. If you aren’t completely satisfied with their service may make a cancellation and receive a full refund.


CenturyLink’s service is accessible in many rural areas and offers a variety of speeds to satisfy the demands of different customers. CenturyLink offers DSL, ADSL, and fiber internet. There are five plans to choose from, based on the required speed. You can sign up for unlimited internet data, which is ideal for people who use their Internet for personal or business purposes. You can also choose an additional controlled plan that comes that has monthly limits for data.

While CenturyLink is by far the most well-known broadband service provider within the U.S., its service isn’t available in all states. While the company provides DSL in its core service, the coverage area is far larger than the coverage of other providers. The company has a greater reach to rural areas than other providers, but its coverage isn’t as good. It is possible to expect speeds of as high as ten 100 Mbps, which is sufficient for most users.

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