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Build an Eco-Friendly Job Site with Spill Containment Berms and More

One of your primary responsibilities while managing an outdoor construction site is keeping the surrounding environment safe and protected. With all the different machinery, chemicals, tools, and traffic that your job site requires, there are plenty of considerations you should make to avoid any fines or potential damage. From using spill containment berms to being prepared with erosion control gear, here are five ways you can create an environmentally friendly job site.

Spill Containment Berms

Working on a job site with a lot of machinery naturally involves handling and using many liquids and chemicals. Oil, coolant, and gasoline are just a few examples. If spilled, these can all be damaging to the environment. That’s where a spill berm comes in handy. Setting up spill containment berms at your job site is one of the best ways to protect the surrounding environment from any contamination.

Find some high-quality berms you can set up underneath vehicles, construction equipment, and other machinery. A berm with aluminum L-stays and chemical-resistant fabric is an excellent choice to contain any possible leaks. Make sure it has a collapsible side wall so you can keep the berms set up at all times and easily drive in and out of them. With a high-quality spill berm, the environment around your work site is always protected from leaks and chemicals.

Erosion Control

Erosion is a natural part of preserving the environment, and construction sites can cause unnecessary erosion. To avoid this, there are a few pieces of equipment you can keep on hand. Culvert socks are helpful in slowing water runoff and diverting it to a safe location. They are especially useful when working near a steep slope with little vegetation. These areas are prone to erosion and need extra protection. Earth walls, silt fences, diversion tubes, and soil nails are also valuable for supporting the environment around your job site and preventing unintended erosion.

Dewatering Bag

It’s important to filter any turbid water on your job site before you release it back into the environment. A dewatering bag can be critical in your stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP). It saves you thousands of dollars in cleanup costs and also protects the environment around you. Look for a high-quality bag constructed of a permeable geotextile that filters the water as it comes out of the bag. This can help ensure you’re releasing clean water back into the environment in no time.

Waste Water Removal

If you can’t filter your wastewater, then you need to remove it. Whether it seeps into the soil or flows into a nearby waterway, you don’t want dirty water leaving your job site. Therefore, a non-potable waste bladder is a perfect solution. Use a waste bladder constructed with industrial-grade PVC materials to capture, transport, and ultimately recycle your site’s wastewater.

Leak Control

While spill containment berms can help contain leaks from your biggest machinery, you can utilize other spill control tools to respond to smaller incidences. Drip pouches, catchers, and pop-up pools are a great way to react quickly to leaks or spills that occur without warning. Preparing for anything that might happen is a must to keep the environment protected. Unexpected leaks can happen when you least expect them. Keep this equipment on hand to ensure no chemicals make their way into the environment.

About AIRE Environmental

If you need a spill containment, water storage, or flood response solution, look no further than AIRE Environmental. Formerly known as AIRE Industrial, AIRE Environmental is the leader in industrial cleanup and erosion prevention. Their products are designed to exceed industry standards and meet your every need. Whether you’re protecting your job site from machinery leaks with spill containment berms or using a water bladder tank for disaster relief, AIRE Environmental can help. Headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, AIRE Environmental is proud to provide products designed and manufactured in the USA. AIRE Environmental even offers custom orders, so you can work with their team to create a solution that meets your exact specifications. With AIRE Environmental, you can stay prepared for anything.

Discover the AIRE Environmental tools you need to keep the environment safe at https://www.aireenvironmental.com/

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