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Building a Nutrition and Diet Application: Know the Advanced Features and Cost

With the advancement in technology, we are living in a zone where everything is online. And, therefore, the fitness industry is also reinventing itself. The flaws of desk-bound jobs and lifestyles have made people aware of how good lifestyle matters.

As per a report from World Obesity, approx 2.7 billion adults are obese, and 177 million adults will be severely affected by 2025. The stats predict that people need a push, and there is a desperate need for diet and nutrition applications.

Although Gyms have got success and popularity among the youth, not everyone can have time for the same. For those people, diet and nutrition applications act as a savior.

Entrepreneurs have begun to understand the situation. To leverage the benefits, they are developing fitness applications to help users. So if you are an entrepreneur and wish to build a health and nutrition application, the blog provides you with a complete guide.

What is Diet and Nutrition Tracking Application?

Diet and Nutrition apps are helping users to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. When the pandemic started and the gyms were closed, people began to download these applications and saw exponential growth. Whether your goal is to lose weight, be healthy, count calories, or more, these are marketplace applications that connect the user and the professional coaches.

  • Different health and nutrition apps include calorie counter apps, diet tracking apps, meal planners, and orders.

Some Highlights on Market Trends and Stats

The diet and nutrition application trend took a sharp incline during the pandemic. It offers usability, and convenience and eases the users.

  • As per a report from Statista, the revenue of the nutrition app sector is $631.83 million in 2021. It shows a CAGR of 6.10% for the period 2021-2025.
  • With an increased user penetration in diet and nutrition apps, the segment will reach 9.94% in 2025.
  • Investing your money in diet and nutrition applications seems a perfect idea as per different resources.
  • MyFitnessPal App is one of the leading health and fitness applications and recorded a revenue of $1.24 million in March 2020.
  • The stats represent the leading health and fitness applications till March 2020, by its revenue.

Why you must develop a Diet and Nutrition App
People have the least time to hit the gym and maintain their health appropriately. Therefore, these applications came to the rescue and help them to stay healthy and fit more conveniently. Whatever the queries the user has, these applications solve all of them!

  • Therefore, from the business point of view, developing apps like these are the smartest choice. Here are a few more reasons for the popularity of these applications.
1. Has a higher retention rate

People today who have a sedentary lifestyle are becoming more health-conscious and want to monitor their day-to-day activities. A report from Flurry analytics suggests that around 75% of the users do open health and fitness applications at least twice a week, and 25% of fitness addicts use these applications over ten times a week. The application has a higher retention rate as the user can avail of the services in comfort.

2. Growing number of usage

As per a Statista report, more than 26% of adults 18-29 years in the US use health and fitness applications, and around 23% of them use the application occasionally. As the number of users has increased, entrepreneurs must focus on developing and offering a perfect solution that suits everyone.

3. Easy to connect with wearables

People now look forward to solutions where they know their calorie counters and food intake. Therefore, there is a trend of wearables from Fitbit or others that allow users to count their calories, track their progress, count steps, and maintain the data.

Therefore, these fitness apps are becoming quite convenient that ultimately help the users to stay fit and healthy.

Diet and Nutrition Popular App Ideas

Different applications offer services keeping customer demands in mind, and these applications cater to different target audiences. Here is a list of diet and nutrition applications that tops the list:

1. Online Coaching App

All those who want to avail of the services browse the app and search for professionals. They can choose the coach as per their need. There are filters present that enables the user to find the service of their niche. After they finalize the professional, they can discuss other details and make the payment.

2. Online Marketplace

It is a social media platform that connects users with coaches. The coaches help with their training and give them both exercise and dietary recommendations. Users pay the coach or the health experts so that they can follow a strict diet regime.

3. Food Ordering App

Online food ordering or grocery orders are also another app idea that is quite a trend. Offering healthy food and meals to the people that is helpful in fulfilling their goals is essential. These also help them with several medical conditions and help them stay fit. You can integrate the feature in your grocery ordering app that adds value to it.

4. Diet Monitoring Apps

Diet monitoring apps are popular applications with a user-friendly interface and features that help maintain calories. It keeps them updated about how much they have to eat and put in an effort.

Revenue Model for the Diet and Nutrition App

1. Advertising

You can promote healthy food brands or other diet-related food items in your health and nutrition app. Also, the app owner can approach different brands to advertise their products or services. It allows the app owners to earn if the user clicks on the ad.

2. Subscription

Subscription plans are an ideal way to add value across a broader spectrum of the target audience. While a few features can be offered free, others can come under a different paid plan.

3. Paid App

You can offer the basic features for free. But for the users to avail themselves, the advanced features in their diet and nutrition application need to pay. Once the user makes the payment, they are free to use these features.

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Key Features you must include in your Diet Application
Different applications offer features as per the demand of the customers. Here, let us see what features you must integrate into your app to make it a success.

1. Registration

As soon as the user installs the application, registration is the first step. It allows you to fill in all the crucial information and details the user has. Users can add personalized information like weight, age, preferred diet, goals, and others.

2. Dashboard and food logging
A top-notch tracking application should have a robust dashboard. It is the only feature that makes or breaks your app. Once the user registers, they can redirect to the dashboard to find all information about calorie intake, progress, input fields, and more.

Food logging contains crucial information about the user’s progress and provides them with nutritional tips.

3. Fitness Tracker Integration
As the number of people using fitness trackers grows rapidly, you must integrate your app with it. Especially if the primary goal is counting calories, there must be a fitness tracker. With its support, information about the activities is added automatically.

4. Push Notifications
Push notification is now one of the unique features every application should have. It has a robust role in fitness applications too. It motivates the user to keep going as the app continues sending motivational quotes and encouraging them. Also, it reminds them continuously of their goals.

5. Diet plan or user’s goals
One of the most basic functions of such a diet & nutrition app is to guide its users toward a healthy diet and assist them to achieve their goals. So, once your user specifies the goal like desired weight, body type, and preferred food, you must suggest them with proper dietary information.

6. Bar-code scanner
Providing a bar-code scanner within the diet and nutrition app adds convenience for the end-user.

7. Dietary Recommendation
If you want your application to be unique, you must offer dietary recommendations to the users. The application analyzes the user’s eating habits and matches them with their goals.

8. Help Section and Feedback
At times, a user may not be able to find appropriate solutions on the platform. They are unable to accomplish the tasks. In that situation, they must have a help section or FAQs, that resolves all the user queries.

Cost of Developing a Diet and Nutrition App

The actual price of developing a diet and nutrition mobile app is not fixed and depends on different factors. A few such factors include complexity in project requirements, technology stacks preferred by the client, quality control, design, development, and several years of experience.

  • If the client has a limited budget, then you must begin with the MVP development and introduce advanced features later.

Get help with Diet and Nutrition App Development!

In this blog, we have covered all the aspects of health and nutrition applications. These applications have a tremendous scope, especially now with the social distancing thing.

We hope the blog will help you come up with a customized and feature-rich application for your users who are fitness freaks. ToXSL is a reputed mobile app development company that integrates technological advancements and helps you build a top-notch mobile application!

Need help with your Diet and Nutrition App Development?
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