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Can You Eat with Ceramic Braces in Dubai

Ceramic Braces in Dubai

A smile gives the potential to your personality. Having radiant and align teeth is a great blessing. People are obsessed with white teeth that are properly aligned that add beauty to their smiles. Your overall health directly contributes to good physical health. If you are facing some problems in your oral cavity you need to address that to avoid serious complications.

There are many issues in the oral cavity that can be resolved by applying braces. These Ceramic  Braces in Dubai are applied to correct issues of overbites, underbites, deep bites, crooked or broken teeth, and various flaws of the jaw and teeth. Braces can be cosmetic and structural. Dental braces are used in junction with other orthodontic appliances and help in aligning and widening teeth and jaws. Braces are widely used and it offers numerous benefits and purposes. But the main concern for clients is that Can you Eat with Ceramic Braces so you should visit us and get detailed information.

What are Ceramic Braces?

Ceramic braces work as metal braces that use clear and invisible brackets rather than using silver wires. They are less visible and have the color of natural teeth. These braces serve as the best alteration over metal Braces as they are less noticeable and do not give awkward look. Wearing braces gives you many benefits but initially, you have to face some problems in adjusting them. It gives you many incentives if it is given proper care.

Foods to Avoid with Braces

Braces are only effective if they are given proper care. Those with the fresh braces should avoid eating hard and unhygienic food and prefer eating a healthy and hygienic diet. Make sure you refrain from eating stained and crunchy food, as it can leave visible stains on the braces. It is advised to clear all the crunchy, hard, and sticky foods because this can dislodge the brackets that are present on the braces. Foods that should not be taken during the period of braces are

  • Chewy food such as lollipops or candies
  • Crunchy food including chips and fried foods.
  • Sticky foods such as jelly and bubbles.
  • Hard things that are difficult to eat such as peanuts or nuts.
  • Foods or fruits that need an open bite such as apples, burgers, carrots, and many foods
  • Foods that are rich in sugar such as boiled sweets.
  • Avoid drinking energy drinks, sweet drinks, or juices
  • Do not eat stained food such as tea, coffee, or tomatoes,  it can leave stain marks on the braces.

Food that should be Preferred with Braces

To prevent the dislocation of brackets the food that you should eat with braces is also suggested, you should prefer eating soft and light foods that are easy to chew. Eat vegetables after boiling them so that they may get softer and easier to chew. Eat soft fruits such as kiwi, grapes, bananas, or peaches. Dairy products are also a good choice, especially yogurt, milk, or cheese. Prefer eating foods that are low in sugar such as bread, mashed potatoes, and pasta. Eat salty and soulful foods such as soups and smoothies or cheese in dairy or sweet foods.

Advantages of Ceramic Braces

  • These ceramic braces are tooth colored and are less visible than other metal braces. They are less noticeable and do not give a weird or unpleasant look.
  • These braces are more efficient and recommended than clear aligners and take less time in aligning the teeth as compared to clear aligners. In some orthodontic cases, aligners may not use to align the teeth such as malocclusion or misalignment.
  • These braces are available in variety of colors and you can choose according to your perfection while metal braces are available only in grey color.
  • These braces do not interfere with other issues while metal braces disrupts the signals of tooth imaging and interferes it.


Improve overall appearance of your teeth and mouth by using Ceramic Braces. There are numerous benefits offered by these braces as compared to metal braces and are used world widely. They properly align your teeth and make your smile beautiful and attractive.

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