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Cat Coloring Pages

Cats Coloring Pages. The Pete the Cat book series has taken the world by storm, and these stories have captivated readers worldwide. The books contain some valuable life lessons of good humor and charming artwork, and now they’re included in this collection of free Pete the Cat coloring pages for kids!

Also, check our Cat Coloring Pages.

This collection features many different poses, looks, and landscapes featuring Pete The Cat, and you can add your color creativity to each image. We can’t wait to see how you tackle these adorable pages, so let’s start collecting to start the fun!

Brand New Pete the Cats Coloring Pages

In the books, Pete has a straightforward color scheme of dark blue fur with bright yellow eyes. He also has a light pink nose, so you can use those colors to make him look like he’s in the books. Will you take that approach or give Pete a facelift?

Cat Coloring Pages

Let’s look at Pete’s face in this next image. As you color these pictures, remember that you don’t just have to focus on Pete himself. You can also color the background or add fun details to complement it. What are you going to add here?

Cat Coloring Pages

It’s time to go wild in this next awesome pic! Here, Pete is wearing an excellent electric guitar with great color detail. Intense rock music is being played here, so we would use some bright and bold colors to make this fantastic image that represents the vibrancy of rock.

Fairy Cat Coloring Pages

The next photo is fun, as Pete wears a button-down shirt and shoes. It’s a fun outfit for Pete, and it would be great to use many bright colors for the details. On this fifth page of our collection of free Pete The Cat coloring pages for kids, we have an entertaining picture of Pete as the tooth fairy!

Pete The Cat Coloring Pages

To do this, we want to give the image a softer look, so we can try watercolors or colored pencils. If you have the funds, will you use them for this Pete performance? In the following picture, a musical theme is shown again. This time the atmosphere is much calmer as Pete plays an acoustic guitar while sitting in the shade of a tree.

Adorable Cat Coloring Pages

This would look great with a relaxing background setting, and there are so many ways you can style it. In this picture, you can create your superhero character for Pete. It would be fun if you created a theme for him and then chose colors that go with it.

Adorable Cats Coloring Page

The following picture presents us with the gift of coloring fun! This one has a Christmas theme, meaning it would look great with lighter colors. What favorite Christmas colors would go well with this festive portrait of Pete? For the first time in this collection, we have a printable coloring of Pete The Cat, where a friend joins him!

Frog and Cat Coloring Pages

Here we see him with Grumpy Toad, and they look like they’re going for a swim. We would use shades of blue and yellow for the background to give this image a tropical holiday feel, but what you use is up to you!

Innocent Cats Coloring Pages

We have another new character to color here, and this time it’s Callie, Pete’s girlfriend! She is similar in design to Pete but is white in appearance with a pink nose. He’s holding a tambourine here, so a more vibrant color for the background would add a musical feel to this image.

Santa Cats Coloring Pages

It’s time for a little more Christmas fun in this next photo. Pete plays Santa Claus here and can hardly hold on to all the presents he’s delivering!

We think other watercolors or colored pencils would be fantastic for giving this picture a storybook feel, but what will you use? Now Pete is on a skateboard, and while he’s known for never losing his cool, he seems a little nervous here!

Cat Coloring Pages

First, you can use cool colors to customize the skateboard, and then you can show what kind of environment he is skateboarding in. This should be a great picture when finished! Pete is enjoying a book in this next image, and there’s plenty of opportunity here.

Studying Cats Coloring Pages

If you have a favorite book, you can draw the cover of that book on the blank cover of his book to make it look like he is enjoying your favorite book! If you add such a detail, which book would you choose? We’re back with a musical theme in this next image.

Cat Face Coloring Page

Pete poses again with a guitar and also wears an excellent suit. What kind of situation might he be in? You can show us this by drawing another background scene for the image to create a story behind this pose.

Musical Cats Coloring Pages

Let’s wrap things up with an excellent Pete The Cat coloring sheet! This time Pete is surfing and looking fabulous while doing it. After coloring his surfboard, you’ll have the opportunity to use beautiful shades of blue and green for the wave he’s surfing.



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