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Crystal For Libra-Watermelon Tourmaline

We’re exploring five of one crystal that is associated with the sign of Libra. Now when we’re looking at the sun libra, we’re looking at two different aspects.

When working with the sign of Libra, remember that the full moon in Libra is the prime time to manifest positive relationships in your life, whether that be love and romance, friends or business or anything else. So let’s dive in and explore five different crystals that I recommend you reach for whenever you are Libra, or you’re working with a Libra, or you’re working with that Libra energy astrologically.

The Sign Of Libra

First of all, we’re looking at those born under the sign of Libra. Thus the sun was in their sign when they were born. These are the people that are represented by the symbols of scales, it’s the only inanimate object in all the twelve zodiac signs symbols, and it really represents that balancing act that liberals are always trying to master.

The Negative Side

Now on the negative side, this is why Libras may always be seen as being indecisive, make up your bloody mind liberals, whereas what that is actually showing is the beautiful heart energy that liberals have. And what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to balance out the needs of everyone. The sign of Libra is all about relationships and trying to find harmony in relationships.

Now, if you’ve ever tried to organize anything with a group of people and keep everyone happy, you know how hard that is, and that is almost the life struggle of a libra.

How To Help

So we’re going to explore how Libra can find a bit more balance and harmony in their lives, and when we want to work with that aspect of relationships in our life, what crystals we can work with there as well. We recommend one crystal for libra.

One surprising crystal that will not feature is rose quartz. Although it’s known as a crystal of love, there are far better crystals that you can work with to attract love into your life.

The Energy Of Libra

As mentioned before, Libras have beautiful give and take energy and a beautiful heart center. Now when we’re looking at the heart center and we’re looking at the heart chakra. You’ll often notice that it’s represented by two colors: green and pink. Why? Because that’s about our ability to give love to the world, and also our ability to receive love from the world, and sometimes what can happen in relationships is we offer to give, and we’re not receiving back.

Watermelon Tourmaline

The beautiful watermelon tourmaline is one of the crystals that help to even out that balance. You can get it from crystal shops. Now you’ll see it’s pink but wrapped around the outside is green, so it looks a bit like a watermelon got another piece here on my necklace as well.

Tourmaline and other crystals

So this has those two colors of the heart chakra, and it’s a beautiful kind of flight if you imagine a fire with pink in the middle and green around the outside in your heart chakra. That’s great for helping to even out this balance.

The other thing I love about tourmalines is that they grow in rods, so the energy I find in tourmalines is backward and forwards, ebbing and flowing, and helping to keep that balance. Tourmalines, of course, are found in all colors of the rainbow and based on the color. It helps to balance different things. It’s also one of the crystals for depression.

Different Types Of Tourmaline

So, for example, orange tourmaline is great for balancing our vitality, and blue tourmaline is perfect for balancing out communication, ensuring equal communication. You can get green, and you can get pink tourmaline. Still, the elite one is that watermelon tourmaline which makes sure that in each relationship that you’re in, whether it be romantic, whether it be family, whether it be friendship, or whether it be professional, there’s equal give and equal take.

It allows you to balance those relationships to see imbalances and do what needs to be done, whether that be having an open conversation, standing up for yourself, or being less selfish to bring back that harmony and balance, which is such deliberate energy.

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