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Designing Your Custom-Printed Soap boxes Could be the Next Best Thing for Your Business.

Custom Printed Soap Boxes

A soapbox can be a great marketing tool for several reasons. Not only do they make the packaging of your product look good, but new customers who see it from across the room will remember you and want to come back. Whether your business is online or in an actual store, every little bit counts when it comes to attracting new customers. Therefore, a custom printed soap boxes should contain the best elements possible to make it complete.

Several factors should be considered with the wide range of soapbox printing options available.

Size & Shape (materials):

There are many varieties of custom printed soap boxes on the market to choose from – you can find them at craft stores like Michael’s or online stores like Uline. Once you’ve decided on which ones best fit your product and brand, you can find a local printing company in your area to help with the next steps.

Outside Printing:

At this stage, you might want to talk to them about custom printed display packaging boxes on both sides of the box so that it’s an extra special “two-for” deal. Of course, some companies will charge extra for this because it’s an extra step in the process, but if you go to a good company specializing in custom-printed soapboxes, they will know how to print on all types of boxes.

Interesting Typography:

Top off your custom printed display boxes with interesting typography by using unique fonts and lettering styles. The use of negative space around the type can also help draw attention. And remember, if someone sees your box on a store shelf and the only thing that is catching their eye is a logo or typo, then you’re doing it wrong – because a logo should never stand alone.

Design Extras:

This is where your personal touch comes in! You can add custom touches like ribbons, strings, tags, charms, etc., to create special effects and differentiate your product from the others on the shelf.

Packaging Tape:

Make sure you choose customized boxes tape that is clear so you can get a good look at your design without having to tear it all open. You might also want to consider adding rounded corners or giving the flap on your box a half-twist to make it easier for customers to open.

Add some weight:

You can add an extra layer of protection by adding some packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or air packs (which are my favorite addition) before you seal up your soapboxes. This will ensure that the contents would still be protected even if someone were to drop your soapbox.

Make it Legal:

Check with your local municipality for any legal requirements you may need to meet – ranging from labeling requirements to ensuring no health code violations on the Display packaging boxes. Talk to an expert if something isn’t clear.


Soap packaging is a great way to get consumers’ products, and brands noticed. If you’re looking for an eye-catching and informative soapbox design, our team can help. We offer custom printed display boxes to showcase your product in the best light possible. With our help, you can create a soapbox that stands out from the competition and catches the attention of potential customers. Contact us today to learn more about our custom printed display boxes.



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