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Does IVF Pregnancy Differ From Normal Pregnancy?

Usually, a family is incomplete without a child. Having a child should become a concern for you if you (couples) have no natural conception for a year through your effort. To get rid of such a concern, both of you (wife and husband or vice-versa) visit an IVF centre in Mangalore or your locality. In general, most of you assume IVF pregnancy is different from a normal pregnancy. However, there is nothing in it except the process to conceive.   

In a normal pregnancy, everything happens inside a human body – from egg fertilisation to child development. On the other hand, fertilisation takes place outside of a human body in IVF pregnancy. Except fertilisation, all the steps of a successful pregnancy are similar. You can comprehend it better by having a look at the facts about the changes that happen each week in IVF pregnancy. Know the changes here – 

The first two weeks of IVF pregnancy and normal pregnancy 

The main difference between the 1st two weeks of natural/normal pregnancy and IVF pregnancy is awareness. In this period, most couples do not know about their conception in the first two weeks. On the other hand, in IVF pregnancy, you (as a couple) know everything from the egg fertilisation with sperm to embryo transplantation. So, you are very eager from day 1. IVF pregnancy is more sensitive for you as you wait to see positive pregnancy test results.    

Expectations from the first two of IVF pregnancy 

You need to stay calm and avoid panic during the first two weeks of IVF pregnancy. Your expectations could be:

  • Early pregnancy symptoms due to fertility medicines– Having a feeling of exhaustion, bloating, mood swings during the first two weeks is quite normal. You can experience other physical changes such as heaviness, soreness, breast tenderness, and cramping in your body. You can expect to be pregnant. However, these changes or experiences could be the results of fertility medicines you took for ovary stimulation and egg retrieval. In some cases, some of you might experience spotting or bleeding just after the implantation of an embryo into your uterus.     
  • OHSS symptoms – You should not confuse OHSS symptoms with the signs of early pregnancy. Due to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), you can experience severe cramping, stomach ache, or nausea. You should consult your doctor instead of considering these signs as early pregnancy symptoms if they are unbearable for you.    

What should you do in the first two weeks of IVF pregnancy?

As you are very eager for your pregnancy from day 1 or after embryo transfer, you can be stressed a lot. Your too much stress can cause you to have a failed IVF. Therefore, you should adopt a healthy lifestyle along with medicine intake at the right time. You should sleep soundly at night and keep yourself in your hobbies and light household tasks. Practising deep breathing and meditation can help you a lot. 

IVF pregnancy and normal pregnancy from 2-10 weeks 

Your IVF pregnancy is similar to a normal/natural pregnancy as you test positive for pregnancy test after two weeks of embryo transfer into your uterus. During this period, the key difference would be the one that your doctor would like to see whether you have complications or not. 

Practically, your doctor recommends an ultrasound screening each 1 or 2 weeks. And it can continue till the 10th week of your IVF pregnancy. You can experience pregnancy symptoms similar to natural pregnancy like unusual cravings, mood swings, morning sickness, and frequent urination. The changes in your body and mind indicate the beginning of your motherhood. 

Natural and IVF pregnancy beyond 10 weeks

There is no significant difference between a natural pregnancy and IVF pregnancy after the first ten weeks of conception. You do not need to stay under strict medical observations. However, you should consult your doctor if you notice anything unusual and unbearable for you. 

After the completion of the first 12 weeks, the first trimester of your pregnancy ends and you enter in the 2nd trimester. You do not need to worry about yours and your baby’s health. Now, you can share your pregnancy news with your family members, friends, and relatives. You need to keep proper care of yourself through diet, light exercises, and stress management. Further, you should not hesitate to consult your doctor if you need a consultation. 

Natural/normal pregnancy Vs IVF pregnancy – It depends on your need or choice

Due to a lack of proper knowledge about the available fertility treatments and associated points, most of you (couples) panic. You should consult a fertility specialist and educate yourself by discussing the issues and treatment options with the expert before making any decision on your family expansion plan.

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