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Enterprise NAS use case in business intelligence and data analytics

Business Intelligence is an umbrella term. That refers to a broad set of activities related to data gathering, catalog creation, data analysis, data presentation, and decision support.

The primary use case for NAS storage in business intelligence. Is to act as an intermediate repository for data transferred between data centers and the end-user workstations. NAS is a good solution because it can be deployed at a lower cost. And simpler architecture that makes configuring. And managing the system more accessible.

It’s also possible to scale Network Attached Storage by adding capacity on demand. This means you don’t have to worry about future scalability requirements. That is why it is best suited to data center environments. Dedicated to data analysis and business intelligence.

Using enterprise NAS storage for business intelligence and advanced analytics

Data analysis is an integral part of most business intelligence projects. Best NAS frameworks are intended for organizations. With massive data centers and offer many benefits over other storage architectures. Not only is NAS more secure and reliable. But it can provide more granular access to data and use a variety of protocols for communications.

Progressed examination in business knowledge has frequently been limited. To data centers with high-performing storage. However, it is not unusual to find companies with the latest BI systems. Processing data in a traditional storage architecture.

Reports, dashboards, and outlines are made using the power of state of the art examination. However, with the explosion of big data. Things have been changing. BI applications have evolved so much. And the amount of data processed is too much for traditional solutions. That is why NAS solutions are a no-brainer in any storage solution. They are a cheap, reliable, and high-performance option for your data processing.

The fact that you can scale the device by simply adding more disks or connecting more NAS nodes. Makes it an ideal choice for multi-terabyte data sets. This is particularly useful in apps dealing with big data. The main genuine drawback is cost. These solutions are a bit costly than your traditional storage solutions. But hold your horses. Despite being expensive. They are very cost-effective in the long run.

Think of it like this. With traditional storage, you buy storage in bulk. However, you don’t even use the half of it. Almost 55 percent. This means you are spending half your money on empty spinning drives. That do nothing but draw extra power and increase your energy footprint.

HOWEVER, with NAS storage, you don’t have to buy it all at once. Just pay for as much storage as you need. Add more to it when your storage needs grow. And it is as simple as adding a few drives to your cluster. Or more nodes if your applications demand more performance.

Bottom Line

NAS storage is scalable, reliable, & secure. Perfect for growing businesses investing in big data. Assuming you are keen on super scale-out NAS frameworks. That will suit your ever-growing data center, we suggest checking out StoneFly. They have a wide range of options, from a few terabytes to multiple petabytes.

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