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Everything to know about Pawna Lake


Other names of Pawna Lake are Pavana Lake or Pavana Dam Reservoir. Pawna lake is located in the beautiful region of Lonavala.

Pawna Lake is the result of the Pavana Dam project.The geographical location of Pawna Lake is the natural place for flora and fauna.The Pawna Dam is managed by the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation. The benefits which are offered by the Pawna Dam are hydroelectric power generation and the water supply.
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The starting point for Pawna Lake can be Mumbai or Pune. It’s your choice if you want to choose Mumbai or Pune. Mumbai or Pune are the places from where the visitors are attracted to Pawna Lake. The number for visiting here from Mumbai or Pune can be in thousands.

The main crops are Wheat, Groundnut, Pulses, Bajri, Jowar, seasonal crops like tomato, cucumber, etc. which can be grown in summer around Pawna Lake.


There are various things which can be done by you at Pawna Lake.

  1. Adventurous visit at Dudhiware Waterfall
  2. Pawna Lake camping
  3. Doing Paragliding at Pawna Lake
  4. Lohagad or Visapur Trek
  5. Trekking at Tikona Fort
  6. Oaring at Pawna Lake
  7. Sightseeing near Pawna Lake


Adventurous visit at Dudhiware Waterfall

This adventurous visit can be attractive to you and at the same time, it can be a thriller to you. This waterfall is situated at the Dudhiware village and is a seasonal monsoonal waterfall. Water rappelling, zip-lining, valley crossing, etc. are the activities which you can do there for a thrilling experience. The most preferable time for waterfall rappelling is during the monsoon.


Pawna Lake camping

Camping is the activity that brings refreshment to the body and the soul. It gives a new experience about life and the surroundings of the place. Camping at Pawna Lake is the best way to experience new things in your life. For the nearby people of Pune or Mumbai or the people who live there, this place can be the best gift for their tiring life. The season when you should visit here is the monsoon.

You will get excited only by thinking about the camping at Pawna Lake. Suppose you are under the beautiful night staring at the shining stars, talking to them, feeling the calm breeze that is passing through you. You are feeling energetic right when you are only supposing this beautiful view. Imagine you are living this moment right now. Butterflies are flying in your stomach, right?

You can enjoy this place more by playing games, playing music and dancing around the bonfire, having a barbeque, etc. People enjoy it here more in the monsoon as compared to the winter season. The women who are visiting here can have the assurance of their safety.

You can also show your Archery skills here and collect the praises which are meant for you. Besides the enjoyment, you need to know about the price of camping at Pawna Lake. The overall cost will depend on the package or the service you choose. Go and enjoy the beautiful camping at Pawna Lake by making new memories. 

Doing Paragliding at Pawna Lake

Enjoying the sunset while flying like a kite is a wonderful experience that you can ever have. It is another way to see your life positively. It will open all the doors to the solution for your worries and let you fly to the beautiful sky. You can see the wonderful Pawna Dam from heights.

Lohagad or Visapur Trek

Trekking at Visapur is an amazing treat for you if you are seeking a very adventurous trip. If you have enough time with you then you can visit these two forts in a day. Trekking at these two forts will be a treasure for you which can be beautiful, thrilling. You don’t have to wait for any particular season to visit Lohagad Fort.

Trekking at Tikona Fort 

Tikona is a dominant hill fort in Lonavala which is having a pyramidal shape. Don’t be confused between Vitandgad and Tikona as both are the same. If anyone asks you about the meaning of Tikona then you can answer “triangular”. 

Oaring at Pawna Lake

This activity can bring benefits to you in terms of physical or mental peace. Along with adventurous activity, it is also a competitive sport. Everyone should go for it as you will be oaring with nature.

Sightseeing near Pawna Lake

You have the right to explore new things at Pawna Lake. You can visit Tung Fort, Koraigad Fort, Tikona Fort, and Lohagad Fort.


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