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Google Ads Search Partner List 2022

If you use the Google Ads Keyword Planner, you may have noticed that you can select “Google” or “Google and search partners” in your targeting settings. Who exactly is this search partner?

If you run keyword campaigns in Google Ads (formerly AdWords) or perform searches with keywords for SEO campaigns, it is important that you understand the difference between “Google” and “search partners”. For example, should Google search volume statistics be considered alone, or should Google and search partners be considered combined?

Google Search Partner List

Google does not publish or provide a specific list of search partners. A quick Google search reveals an old list of known search partners dating back to 2003. However, many partners on the list, including Alexa.com and AOL.com, no longer display Google ads. In fact, AOL is now actually powered by Bing.

Also, this was not a complete list at the time. Only “known” is included. In fact, research partners change over time. Also, the list is extensive. Listing all sites that have been Google search partners would be too long a list on a single webpage.

if? So no list? Don’t be disappointed to see real-life examples from current research partners in 2020. As mentioned above, the list of search partners has changed and is really extensive.

Instead of listing, you should really ask yourself what kind of sites are Google’s search partners. This is what we divide into: Google Network
Let’s start with an understanding of the full suite of Google AdWords and information about the Google AdWords Keyword Planner. The entire Google network is divided into two parts: the Google search network and the Google display network. The first is the ad that appears after the “search” and the second is the ad that appears on the webpage.

Within the search network, traffic and ad placements are categorized as Google search and then search on search partner sites.

Google search network

The Google search network above can easily be divided into Google and search partners. The main difference is where the search is performed.


Google Search (www.google.com), Google Play Store, Google Shopping, Google Maps, and even searches through the Maps app fall into this category.

This is just a search performed specifically on Google’s main search page.

Find a Partner

All other PPC company performed on search sites other than Google fall into the “Search Partners” category. How many different search engines can you really think of? Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. But there is more than you can imagine.

First, there are sites like YouTube and Amazon.com where Google serves ads after a visitor searches for a video or product.

Google Search Partner The Guardian

Then there are big websites like The New York Times, Guardian and W3Schools that use Google’s custom search engine (CSE) to improve website searches. The Google search engine is a tool that web publishers can embed on their website that leverages the power of the Google search engine to help visitors find pages on their website. There are currently 505,946 active websites using Google Custom Search. This is a large number of research partners.

All of these sites are places where your ads may appear, and all of these sites will affect the search volume and AdWords competitor stats you get from the Keyword Planner when your audience includes “Google and Research Partners”.

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Google Display Network

The Display Network includes Google-owned sites like Blogger and YouTube. These are the ads you may see next to when reading or viewing your content, as opposed to the ads you see after searching. However, the network is mostly made up of publishers who have signed up for Google AdSense or the DoubleClick advertising network. Website publishers who want to monetize their website by displaying advertisements with their content join these advertising networks. This tells AdWords advertisers where their ads can appear based on location and site visitors.

Need to include a research partner?
Our main subject, “Google” and “Google and search partners”

Push your payment

In general, if you run the Google Ad Campaign, they help to get a “water sensation” in the first days of the test campaign, including search partners. After running a drive for a while, you can decide whether a search partner movement has been changed from there.

Organic Search Campaign

If you check in keywords in SEO campaign, the answer may be a bit more complicated. If you are searching for sites such as Amazon or New York Times, do not forget that the search number is different. For example, consider the keyword “computer keyboard”. Currently, the average monthly search volume for a Google search in English in the US alone is “10,000-100 thousand”. However, if you choose Google and your search partner, this number will go to “100K – 1M”. big. The search is based on e-commerce sites where people buy computer keyboards with a higher search volume from Google. Some would argue that search volume on SEO search partner sites should not be taken into account as search partners serve ads in paid AdWords campaigns rather than organic search results.

However, Startup development company argue that the search volume statistics are estimates and should be used only as a guide. With this logic, the more data you have, the more likely you are to attract search partners to get a better idea of ​​the actual uses of your keywords in your searches. For example, YouTube is included in our search partners. However, if you want to get stats on YouTube search volume (not available), including your partners will give you better insight. As always, remember that statistics and averages are guidelines only and the best decision should be made when taking the test and viewing the results.

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