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Google Maps Business Extractor – Google Places Scraper

How Can I Scrape Business Data From Google Maps?

In the minds of many People, Google Maps is a large book with business information. Thanks to technology, the Google Maps website is an easy way to search for local services without having to skim pages upon pages of an infamously large book. Because Google Maps is now online, there are more features including reviews, business addresses, categories, and direct links to websites and social media. This updated version of the trusted Google Maps grants consumers and sellers alike lots of usable data thanks to the Google Maps API. Google Maps Business Extractor is the perfect tool for collecting online data from Google Maps. Using a Google Maps Scraper gives you access to tons of useful data that helps you connect with customers, scope out the competition, and create better deals.

What Google Maps Data You Can Scrape?

If you are familiar with the kinds of data available on Google Maps, use the table of contents to skip forward and learn why Google Map Extractor is the best way to export Google Maps data straight into your organization’s preferred programs.

Initially, Google Maps was a website for finding directions only. But now it is a multifaceted website full of useful business contact information for business people and consumers.

Google Maps data consists of

Business name


Operating hours

Phone number

Email Address





Website and social media links

Collecting data from Google Maps is essential for organizations of all sizes looking to better understand their reputation among consumers and find local competition.

How To Extract Data From Google Maps Places And Businesses?

While you can scroll through the Google Maps site and manually collect useful data, this method is too time-consuming, especially for larger organizations that collect and work with mass amounts of data on a regular basis. You might be wondering how to get data from Google Maps without wasting too much time. Google Maps Data Extractor is the automatic way to extract data from Google Maps places and businesses quickly. Google Maps Scraping tools also allow you to export data from Google Maps to excel, making the data easy to analyze and share with coworkers. A Google Map Extractor is your best tool for collecting data from Yellow Pages.

Why Use Google Map Extractor?

Google Maps Listings Scraper is an efficient way to scrape Google Maps for business names, contact information, operating hours, and more. By using our Google Places Scraper, you can easily find data by business name, zip code, address, and business listing URL. The Google Maps Email Extractor is perfect for those new to Google Maps scraping as well as those more advanced in online data extraction. Without Google Maps Contact Extractor software, it can be hard to transfer business information from Google Maps to Excel. Google Maps Reviews Scraper helps you avoid the mistakes that can come with manually entering data for analysis. It also extracts and exports data from Google Maps 100 times faster than a human.

Wrap Up:

Google Maps is an ocean for b2b leads. Google Maps is full of tons of business data as well as places and customer reviews. When you scrape the Google Maps, you can understand your competition, anticipate customer needs, and find the perfect location. Thanks to Google Map Extractor, the automatic extraction of data from a business listing is easier than ever. Using the best Google Maps Scraper provides you with valuable data that can then be exported directly into your computer in an organized CSV, Excel, or Text file.

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