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Har Ki Dun Trek: A Complete Guide


The Har Ki Doon Trek is a ladder to paradise that will make you fall in love with its splendor. It is a winter wonderland and a trekker’s joy. The Har Ki Dun valley is a nice trek with spectacular views of the Swargarohini group of hills.

It leads you through the most beautiful alpine meadows and pine woods in the world, which is a visual delight. During the winter, when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds, the snow-covered trails become captivating. The ‘Valley of Gods,’ one of the oldest treks in the Himalayas, is thought to be the same route used by the Pandavas in the Mahabharata on their ascension to heaven. The vista of Swargarohini—the snow mountain that dominates this trek—bears a resemblance to the mythological ladder to heaven.

Camping alongside a running river is a lovely experience; the woodland here is rich in flora and fauna, and it has its own captivating mood.

About the trek

The Har Ki Dun route takes you past some of the 2,000-year-old ancient communities. It gives you an inside look at the life of the people who reside in the valley. The Har ki dun trek is ideal for nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and photographers. You can even see a variety of bird species that call this area home. On the route, take some incredible photos that will last a lifetime.

Other sights include the Duryodhana temple at Osla, which was built by Saur residents and is dedicated to Duryodhana. Sankri, on the steep mountain trail to Har Ki Doon, is about 13 kilometers away.

It is a 5,000-year-old creation of finely carved wooden chambers.

Har Ki Dun’s challenge, aside from the long hours of walking for 6 hours, is dealing with the constant rain. This walk is best done in the summer, when there is a lot of rain, rather than in the winter after a snowfall. It’s a magnificent experience to walk among lush foliage pouring with raindrops, but hikers must be well prepared. Whatever the weather, this walk will give you the feeling of being in a magical place.

Things to do at Har Ki DunTrek

Har Ki Dun is more like a hike route for brave souls than a tourist destination, thus there isn’t much to see outside the rich natural beauty. However, from Har Ki Doon, a 4-kilometer journey to Jamdar Glacier and Morinda Tal is possible.

Har Ki Dun is one of the most spectacular treks in the Garhwal Himalayas, with picture postcard natural splendor in the form of flowing waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, pine and oak-covered woods, and gushing rivulets and rivers.

Camping is among the most incredible experiences one may have in nature. After a long day, pitching tents with friends beneath the magnificent night sky is a great way to unwind and revitalize. Har ki Dun has one of the outstanding Himalayan views as well as a beautiful night sky.

Tourism in the Village Along the trip, one passes through hamlets inhabited by the region’s indigenous communities. Explore lovely villages in the midst of nature, such as Osla, Sankri, and others, and discover about the rustic way of life, customs, and culture.

Har ki Dun is a nature lover’s heaven, with a vast diversity of flora and fauna. Take in the tranquility of viewing the magnificent birds and photographing the breathtaking sights in front of you.

Har ki Dun has two lodging options

Forest Rest House and GMVN Guest House. GMVN Guest House has both dormitories and rooms for guests. The best choice is to bring camping tents because Har kel Dun has a lot of great camping spots. GMVN Har ki Dun, GMVN Osla, GMVN Taluka, and GMVN Sankt are all good places to stay before Harki Dun. In Sankri, you can stay at Sarkari Meraki Homestay, which is the best accommodation in the area.

Mythology about Har ki Dun Trek

Har ki Dun is located in the Swargarohini Peak’s valley. The Mahabharata’s Yudhisthir is said to have been sent to paradise with the dog from this summit. The forefathers of the people living in the region have a significant impact on the Mahabharata characters. The Kauravas and Pandavas, fabled royal warriors and monarchs in the epic Mahabharata, are claimed to have ruled over this region and its surroundings.

Reasons to go for Har Ki Dun Trek?

Before getting started on the itinerary, it’s important to understand why you’ve chosen the Har Ki Dun trip. The Trek is 56 kilometers long and takes seven days to complete. Because of the variety of activities available, the Har Ki Dun Trek is classified as a Moderate Level Trek.

These are:

  • Due to the proximity of the forest zone, there is no high altitude mountain sickness, and the trail is not as abrupt and sheer as other treks. As a result, this hike is suitable for novices.
  • You were treated to a magnificent view of the Himalayan mountains, meadows, lakes, pine woods, and a diverse range of flora and animals, all while learning about genuine Garhwali heritage and culture.
  • Spend some time interacting with locals, and you’ll learn about some of Indian mythology’s ancient tales.
  •  During the winter, this magnificent valley is completely covered in snow, giving it the appearance of a magical broad snow-land.
  •  And, in the summer, the valley comes alive with meadows, wildflowers, and woodlands that bloom in a rainbow of colors.

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