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Having Good Auto Repair Estimate Software is Crucial. Here’s Why!

A good estimating system is essential for all businesses’ success, especially if we talk about auto repair shops. Auto repair estimate software can make a huge difference in your operational productivity.

The best way to find appropriate estimating software for your business is to prioritize your search in a fully-fledged auto repair software with features like invoicing, estimating, payments, inspections, scheduling etc. 

Why bother with tools that assist a single feature when you can get a powerful program with multiple features in place of it?


What is Auto Repair Estimate Software?


Wondering what estimating software is in an auto repair business? Let me help you!

It is a software that helps your auto repair shop to turn customer concerns and technician recommendations into repair jobs. You can then send shareable estimates to your customers for fast approvals.

To dig a little deeper, car repair estimate software assists you in bringing the various divisions of your estimates together, such as:

  • Part Charges
  • Inspection Charges
  • Labor Charges

Auto repair software’s estimating feature allows you to automatically combine the different charges to create a full estimated cost for the customer’s car repairing service

Do you know what’s most IMPRESSIVE? The entire procedure is paper-free!

You do not have to dig into the mountain of paper sheets to find a particular customer or vehicle detail. It all goes smoothly


How Does it Work?

Moving on, auto repair software can create fast estimates. It is possible with the following procedure:

  1. The process begins by entering the customer and vehicle information. 
  2. DVI enables photos, videos, and notes to be sent in a single click. This speeds up the estimation process. It adds transparency between customers and the repair shop.
  3. The mentioned charges of part inspections on car repair estimate software save time for the auto repair shop and the customer. 
  4. The repair time guides and per-hour mechanic charges give customers transparency about the entire procedure. It creates transparency as shops cannot overcharge customers by charging for more time. 
  5. Upon getting the estimate, the customer has a choice to instantly approve it with the provided link on email or SMS or can access the customer portal. The customer has an option to approve or disapprove it. Auto repair software sends automated reminders to customers via text, email and notifications on the portal for repair estimates that require authorization. 


Why is Auto Repair Estimate Software Important?


Moving ahead with the benefits of the auto repair software’s estimating feature, it is a game-changer for repair shops.

Fast Estimate Approvals

Customers dont have to wait for hours or days to get their car repair estimates. With auto repair software, customers can get instant estimates from anywhere at any time. 

Photos, videos, and notes enable the technician to give better recommendations about car repair. Moreover, with automated reminders via text, emails and notifications on the customer portal, the staff gets lucky enough not to go through the hassle of phone calls.


Seamless Quote to Cash Process

The created estimates can be converted into work orders, job orders, and invoices. All it requires is digital authorization from the customer at any time from anywhere. 

The customer does not have to end up in the auto repair shop every time to get repair estimates and invoices. Once quotes are converted to invoices, customers can opt for a digital payment option. Pure CONVENIENCE! 


Reduced Turnaround Time

Much time is saved as there is no paperwork, printing, or phone calls involved in the estimating procedure. 

It avoids repetitive data entry as the relevant customer or vehicle information is extracted automatically to generate car repair estimates.

Boosts Productivity and Profits

With all the time-saving, digital solutions, and faster navigation, the auto repair shop’s productivity automatically improves, resulting in higher profits.

The transparent estimating procedure increases customers’ trust in the business as with repair time guides, and customers do not have to worry about overcharging issues.

This results in increased transparency and customer retention.


Summing it Up


If you are looking for better solutions to drive growth in your auto repair business, you MUST opt for digital estimating software first.

It would increase flexibility for your team as your team and customers can access the digital estimate system from any where at any time.

So, are you ready to integrate a free auto repair estimate system to drive your business’s growth?

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