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HERE’S WHAT GORDON RAMSAY’S NET WORTH REALLY IS, British restaurateur, chef, and entertainment juggernaut Gordon Ramsay has been grilling recipes and other chefs on the small screen for years. In a massive TV resume, along with MasterChef and Nightmare in the Kitchen, he and other heavyweights on the network like spiky-haired Guy Fieri changed the genre of television cooking from a how-to segment to binge-able content. While he may not be the chef who will change your cooking skills, his shows are almost impossible not to watch.

Who doesn’t love to experience painfully spoiled pizzas in stray restaurants that need Ramsay Nightmare’s assistant in the kitchen or a manager at Hotel Hell who loves to sing … Cher? Like it or not, Ramsay has become more than just Simon Cowell’s cooking; he’s not only a hilarious critical Brit (mostly in the name of helping a chef improve), but he’s alone in making a lot of good TVs.

Meanwhile, the star has seamlessly added social media to her menu. Ramsay was a big force at TikTok, where, in July 2020, he launched the hashtag #RamsayReacts, challenging fans on the platform to let him judge their recipes. According to insiders, the hashtag has so far had over 5 billion views. With 17 million followers on the app as of this writing, it’s clear he’s doing something right. And the proof is in the pudding-or the severely cooked, buttery rib-eye. Scroll forward for Ramsay’s amazing net worth.

Gordon Ramsay is very wealthy but restrains his children

So what is Gordon Ramsay’s net worth today? According to Celebrity’s Net Worth, between his massive media empire and restaurant ventures ( Ramsay owns several restaurants, mainly in Nevada), he typically earns about $ 45 million per year. Real estate-wise, Ramsay owns three beautiful estates, each Hello; in London, in Los Angeles, and another in the English region of Cornwall with panoramic ocean views. The country house is a modern brick converted from an old bank, even though he and his wife Tana listed the coastal property in 2020 for $ 3.6 million, per Mansion Global.

However, being one of Ramsay’s five children is certainly not as easy as pie, in money. Ramsay seems very strict with his children, making them fly into the economy and not promising them any inheritance. ‘It’s certainly not going to go to them, and that’s not in a bad way; it’s so as not to break them, ‘Ramsay told The Telegraph in 2017. ‘ The only thing I agreed with Tana was they get a 25 percent deposit on a flat, but not the whole flat … They weren’t with us in the first class. They didn’t work anywhere near hard to afford that. At that age, in size, are you telling me they have to sit in first class? No, they don’t. We are really strict with that, ‘he added.

Not getting any inheritance is rough. Especially since until now, per Celebrity‘s Net Worth, the chef was worth a whopping $ 220 million. His first restaurant abroad was Verre, which was situated in the Hilton Dubai Creek in the United Arab Emirates. He has since opened restaurants in France, Japan, Qatar, Australia, Italy, and South Africa.

Considering his net worth of $220 million and annual pay of $60 million, we can calculate that Gordon Ramsay makes approximately $150,684.93 in a day, $6,278.54 in an hour, and $104.64 in a minute.

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