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How Can I Extract Leads From LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Lead Extractor

How Can I Scrape Leads from LinkedIn?

You know how important is LinkedIn for generating leads. But the question is, How can you extract leads from LinkedIn? Unfortunately, LinkedIn is yet to bring the facility to download the list of data that you have been searching for. Instead, the process requires an experienced web scraper or a big team. You will need a separate excel file to save all the scraped data from LinkedIn. Once you find the results for your keywords, you will have to copy and paste the information separately to the excel file and save them accordingly.

The worst part is that you will have to visit the LinkedIn profile individually to picture the leads better. Similarly, the manual process repeats if you need any other information from any other LinkedIn profile.

Of course, this copy-pasting process can be extremely painful and inefficient. Moreover, it is repetitive and boring to find, copy-paste, and save data. Hence you will lose your concentration and motivation when repeatedly performing the same task for a long period of time. On the other hand, there are many chances of slow progress, it will take a long time to achieve the desired goal, and you might even miss important information easily.

Alternatively, you can choose to switch to software services like LinkedIn Lead Extractor, LinkedIn Company Scraper, or LinkedIn Recruiter Scraper. These platforms make lead generation from LinkedIn easier and faster by automating your manual job.

Why Should You Scrape Sales Leads From LinkedIn?

After scraping LinkedIn data through the struggle mentioned above, it is not uncommon to have second thoughts. That brings us to understanding the notion of scraping sales leads from LinkedIn. Since we have already discussed why you should use LinkedIn for lead generation, this time, we will let the numbers talk.

Freelancers and Marketers claim that LinkedIn offers nearly 90% of qualified leads compared to other social platforms. As a stage shared by 55 million businesses across the globe, is this fact even surprising?

The strength of LinkedIn lead generation is in its prophecy of targeted sales. Targeted sales lead lists to save time, resources, and efficiency are the ultimate call to generate qualified leads. LinkedIn scraping boosts the extent of targeting by filtering only relevant and essential leads from online channels.

If you have qualified sales leads from a qualified platform to your sales team, they will reach the right prospects at the right time with proper attention. Henceforth it significantly improves the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns as well. You can also use LinkedIn information to generate a competitor’s brand portfolio and offer something unique to the market.

Best Tool To Extract Leads From LinkedIn To Excel

LinkedIn Leads Scraper is a desktop application that provides you with ready-to-use contact information from LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator with username, first name, and last name on a daily basis. LinkedIn Contact Extractor is a point-and-click web scraping tool with a 3-day free trial version. LinkedIn Profile Scraper’s biggest selling point is its flexibility, accuracy, and no coding required to use it.

All you have to do is enter the name of the person in the search bar of the LinkedIn Email Scraper software. It will automatically find all the persons associated with that name from this targeted location on LinkedIn in minutes. You can export data in CSV, Excel, and text formats by clicking the “Export” button given in the LinkedIn Data Extractor.

Install the free version of the LinkedIn Data Scraper software and check its credibility for three days with some limitations. You can see videos or can read our blog posts to understand the working of the software. By watching videos and reading articles you will get an idea of how to extract contact details from LinkedIn by using this LinkedIn scraping tool.


With this LinkedIn Lead Extractor, you can get unlimited data from LinkedIn and build prospect lists with zero labor! It’s a good tool for everyone even if he doesn’t know anything about scraping. Because LinkedIn Crawler requires no coding to use it. Moreover, it is affordable for everyone due to its prices. You can use it for 90 days for just $59.99. So then what are you waiting for? Stop fiddling around and start building qualified sales lead lists from LinkedIn today.

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