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How do I solve an error code on my Canon printer?

How do I solve an error code on my Canon printer?

Canon printers offer quality, power & reliable print solutions for home as well as office needs. They are one of the best printers available in the market. However, just like other technologies, ij.start.cannon printers are prone to some issues & error messages as well. Not only are these error messages cumbersome to fix, but their reoccurrence can often leave you confused and frustrating.

One such error is Canon Printer Error 5200. This error is shown when there’s a faulty cartridge or problem with the logic board in the printer. It’s a common printer error, which can occur in any of the Canon PIXMA printer’s series, including PIXMA MP 480, Canon PIXMA MP 250, PIXMA MP 490, PIXMA MX 350 and PIXMA MX 340. One of our proficient engineers will troubleshoot your hurdle and make your Canon printer device free from any error or glitches as well when you contact at our toll-free number.

Why Canon Printer Error 5200 Occurs?

Canon printer error 5200 is primarily caused due to cartridge problems. It can be due to low ink levels in your cartridge, due to faulty cartridge or maybe there is some issues with the logic board of your printer. We know that ij start canon printers are designed to print in Black even if the Black cartridge goes empty, by using the colors in color ink cartridge. Therefore, if you are seeing error 5200 in the Canon printer, then your printer cartridges are either empty or they are close to empty. Now that you know the cause of this error let’s discuss its solutions.

Causes and Symptoms of Canon Printer Error 5200

Knowing the main cause brings you closer to the solution of the problem. This error occurs mainly when there is a faulty cartridge or any issue with the logic board in the printer.  Some of the most possible reasons for the Canon Printer Error 5200 are pointed below:

  • There could be a fault in your cartridge.
  • The ink might be low in your cartridge.
  • The logic board of your Canon printer is damaged.
  • The black ink is not installed properly.
  • Cartridges are empty.

It is one of the most common errors of printers that can be encountered by any of the ij start canon printer’s series. This error message is automatically displayed on the screen and the printer stops working until you fix this issue.

Steps to Resolve Canon Printer Error 5200

If you are experiencing error code 5200 canon printeron your Canon printer and are seeking for dependable solutions, you have come to the correct spot since we have defined some simple resolution procedures that will be beneficial to you. As a result, keep your eyes peeled for the following procedure:

  • First, turn off your Canon printer.
  • Hold down the STOP/RESET button.
  • Hold down the Power ON button.
  • Lose the STOP or RESET button when clicking on the Power ON button.
  • While holding the PowerOn button, press the STOP or RESET button twice.
  • Remove your finger from the Power ON button.
  • Wait until it shows the message “idle.” It will just take a few moments
  • When the word “idle” appears, open the outer cover to see the cartridges.
  • Remove the black and colour cartridges by lifting the lid.
  • Replace the cartridge holder’s lid and switch off the printer.
  • Replace the upper cover and restart the printer.
  • Return the cartridges when the printer has been initialised.

After following the above-mentioned steps, you may discover that the Canon Printer Error 5200 has vanished.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 5200?

Canon printers at times show the 5200 error. This error can stop you from printing. If you’re experiencing this error, follow the below that can surely help you to resume your printing activity.

Method 1- Reset Your Canon Printer

In the first method, you’ve to do the resetting of your specific printer. The important steps in this method are-

  • Turning off the printer by tapping over the Power button.
  • Pressing and holding the stop button
  • Pressing and holding Power On button
  • As the Power On button is held the stop/reset button needs to be released.
  • As Power On button is held, the stop/reset button is to be pressed twice.
  • Once done the Power On button has to be released.
  • Wait until the printer displays an “idle message”. Usually, this message gets displayed within a minute’s time.
  • As that‘idle’ message comes at the top cover, it is to get opened to expose the cartridges.
  • The cover for cartridge holder is to be lifted up, and Black and Color cartridges are to be taken out.
  • The cover of the cartridge’s holder is to get returned.
  • The printer must be turned off
  • The top cover should be placed again and your printer to get turned on
  • Once the printer initializes, the cartridges are to be returned.

Method 2- Installation of Repair Tools-

You can solve Canon Printer Error 5200 by installing the repair tools. These tools are readily available on many websites. These could either be paid or could be used for free. In addition to it, a special tool that allows fixing canon Printer Error 5200 has been available. This specific tool has been fabricated by Microsoft & can help in optimizing the performance of the computer.

Method 3- Contacting the Expert

If the above methods did not work well and you are unable to solve the Canon Printer Error 5200, then you should contact an expert.

So, perform the above methods in order to use your printer without any kind of interruption as &when you need it. It is surely going to help you learn the fixing of Canon Printer Error 5200.

If you are getting the Canon Printer Error 5200 on your computer screen while printing and you want instant guidance on it, then you should contact tech experts by calling at Canon Support Number

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