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How Do We Increase the Life of Candles & What Type of Packaging is Considerable?

Type of Packaging

Candle is a tea lamp to light your Halloween pumpkin or a Christmas scented pot to decorate your home. It is impossible to beat a beautiful candle to warm yourself. However, they can be expensive, and you may want to keep them for as long as possible.
Suppose you are a candle lover and want to make the most of them. In this case, you should learn some tips and tricks on adequately caring for them This will help ensure that they last longer and give you maximum pleasure.
Whether it’s a scented, handmade or ordinary candle, the packaging must be rigid enough to ensure the safe storage and delivery of candles.
The type of packaging of your candles must be protective and allows you to send these unique items to your loved ones without being affect by shipping shocks and jolts.

Protect Candles from Damage

As we all know, candle jars are made of glass material and can be easily broken by a minor shock during transport. Therefore, the type of packaging should be sturdy so that the candles can be easily shipp everywhere. There are many type of packaging for candle available; the most durable and popular are as follows:
• Luxury Rigid Boxes
• Corrugated Boxes
• Wooden Boxes
The most affordable option for packing these unique items is the luxury rigid candle box, as they are cost-effective and high in strength compared to wooden boxes. Corrugated boxes are also preferable and cheap but less resistant than rigid luxury boxes.
Follow our tips to ensure your candle burns evenly and lasts as long as possible.

Candle packaging boxes

Soybean Candles

These candles have more melting points than paraffin wax, which means they can last 60% longer. If you choose one that has a pleasant smell, you will be able to enjoy the scent even when the candle does not burn.

Avoid Fireplace

Avoid placing your candle on a fireplace. Heat could speed up the burning process and reduce the burning time. Beware of areas with high currents, as they can lead to uneven burning.

Initial Burn

If the candle is a jar or a vessel other than a pillar candle, it is essential to let it burn for 2 to 4 hours at first ignition. The wax should melt on the candle’s surface, forming the memory of wax. Then it burns evenly instead of tunnels, where the wax remains at the vessel’s edges, which is inefficient and luxury rigid candle box ugly.

Why Are Custom Mailer Boxes Given The Premium Choice In Every Step Of Manufacturing?

Buy a Cut Wick

When you first get the candle you want, the wick must be the perfect length. However, it can mushroom as the candle burns and then bends. This means that the candle burns faster and produces more soot. Cutting the wick will lower the height of the flame, making sure your candle burns slower and lasts longer.
It is possible to use scissors for pillar-like candles; however, when the candle is placed inside a bowl, it is recommended to purchase a cut wick. This will ensure that the burning wick is cut evenly, not at an angle, while the trimmer also has the capacity of a cup so that the haircuts are not buried in the candle wax.
The ideal time to reduce the length of the wick is when it is dry, and just before you intend to light it again, the wick must be cut to 6 mm.

Candle Boxes and Their Benefits

Best Way

For the best way to extinguish your candle, use a non-flammable tool or a wick plug to push the candle wick into the wax basin before placing the wick back in an upright position. This way, you can extinguish the flame without releasing smoke, and when you are ready to light it again, wick wax is enough for the best start to the fire.

Remove Candle Wax

Be careful not to place candles on furniture, clothing, refusing to move them or leaving them unattended on the floor. Prevention is always better than cure.
If you need to remove the candle wax, let it harden as much as possible. Carpets, for example, should be cover with an ice pack or frozen peas. For fabrics, place all items in the freezer to set for one hour. When the wax is solid, you will be able to remove most of it with your hands or using a sharp knife.

Reuse Candle Pot

Another great way to reuse this pot is to learn how to make candles and then fill the pot. This can help you save money and be a fun and unique way to focus your candle. Many candle pots are beautiful, and we have seen them used to make pen holders, potted plants and jewellery containers.

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