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How drinking alcohol might affect getting an erection

Alcohol may damage your erection in addition to being bad for your health. This disorder, sometimes referred to as “whiskey dick,” may impair sexual activity. It may cause alcohol withdrawal syndrome in addition to erection issues. We’ll talk about how alcohol affects erection and sperm count in this post.

Alcohol’s harmful effects on erection

A lack of erection has been linked to severe alcohol intake, according to studies. Additionally, it could lead to long-term issues with fertility. There is a 60–70% risk that heavy drinkers may have some kind of sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction, early ejaculation, and diminished sexual desire are some of the most typical issues. Additionally, excessive alcohol use reduces the hormone testosterone’s ability to regulate male sexual activity. There are several methods to treat erectile dysfunction. The best treatment options for erectile dysfunction in males are Cenforce 150mg and Cenforce 200mg.

Because alcohol reduces blood flow to the penis, which is necessary for the penis to maintain its erect position during arousal, alcohol has detrimental effects on erection. One of the primary reasons of erectile dysfunction is arterial hypertension, which is brought on by heavy drinking. The penile arteries are also permanently harmed by heavy drinking. Abuse of alcohol may also result in testicular shrinkage.

However, consuming alcohol has certain advantages. It lessens anxiety, boosts drive, and makes it simpler to strike up a discussion off-the-cuff. Additionally, it makes conversation filters less effective, which could make it harder to make love.

Effects of heavy alcohol consumption on erection and sperm count

According to a research, drinking too much alcohol has a deleterious impact on the quantity and quality of sperm in male testicles. It lowers testosterone levels and may decrease testicles. Lower sperm counts and trouble getting an erection may be the results of these changes. Males who often have sexual relations when inebriated are also more likely to have problems getting an erection.

Sex and alcohol go hand in hand in a complex way. According to a recent National Institutes of Health research, 72% of the males who participated in the study had some kind of sexual dysfunction after drinking. Its consumption may substantially impair sexual performance, although its effects on erections and sperm count are not long-lasting. However, if drunk in moderation, men may avoid the potentially detrimental effects of alcohol on their sexual performance.

Alcohol use lowers the ability of the Sertoli cells, which are in charge of sperm development. It also lowers blood volume in the body, which results in fewer erections. Additionally, drinking too much alcohol leads to dehydration, which reduces blood volume. Dehydration also raises the synthesis of angiotensin, which causes blood vessel constriction.

Impact of heavy drinking on erection on sexual desire

Its abuse may worsen erection quality and lengthen the time it takes to ejaculate. Alcohol reduces blood volume and circulation, which affects both the penis and brain function. For men to get and maintain a hard erection, there has to be a healthy blood flow. Additionally, excessive drinking raises levels of the blood vessel-constricting hormone angiotensin.

Overindulging in alcohol may result in erectile dysfunction that is permanent as well as interpersonal issues. Alcohol might impede attention on your partner’s needs and make conversation challenging. Additionally, it could cause a separation or divorce. It may also interfere with hand-eye coordination, which might reduce sexual desire.

Excessive alcohol drinking may harm the nerves in the penis and clitoris in addition to decreasing erections. Even though nerve damage is reversible with time, you should still see a doctor if you have any concerns. Although it is just one of several potential reasons of erectile dysfunction, it should nevertheless be taken into account.

Alcohol withdrawal syndrome’s effects on erection

Abusing alcohol over a long period of time might harm the penis. It may lessen sexual sensitivity and block the components of the central nervous system required for arousal and orgasm. As a consequence, erections may become slower and less powerful and the penis may become numb. It also lowers a man’s body’s testosterone levels, which lessens his desire for sexual activity.

Both men and women who drink excessively might develop erectile dysfunction. Additionally, it may result in vitamin deficits and irregular menstruation, among other health issues. It may also irritate the stomach lining, which can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Additionally, drinking alcohol might raise your risk of throat and liver cancer. It may impair your capacity to have sex and is a major source of disease and mortality in North America.

Your body’s blood circulation, which is important for erections, might be impacted by alcohol. It also causes the body to become dehydrated, which lowers blood volume. Additionally, because influences blood flow to the penis, it may prevent the creation of testosterone necessary for a strong erection.

Blood vessel injury and cardiovascular disease

It is commonly known that ED and cardiovascular disease are tightly connected.

Reliable Source

Light to moderate drinking is linked to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, but excessive drinking is linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular mortality, claims a 2018 assessment by Trusted Source.

According to a reliable source, drinking a lot of alcohol raises your risk of high blood pressure. Sexual dysfunction is at risk due to high blood pressure.


Results of research on both humans and animal

A reliable source claims that blood vessel damage is a result of excessive drinking.

Can erectile dysfunction be cause by alcohol withdrawal?

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome appear when a heavy drinker abruptly ceases. It has been associate with cardiovascular issues including high blood pressure that may make it difficult to erection.


Other typical withdrawal signs comprise:






blood pressure is high.



After your last drink, symptoms often begin 6 to 12 hours later and peak 48 to 72 hours later.

Although cutting less on alcohol may induce short-term symptoms that exacerbate ED, the long-term effects on your sexual health are probably better.

In a research conducted in 2022 on 104 patients who had both ED and an alcohol use problem, 88.5 percent of the participants exhibited improvements in their ED following 3 months of abstaining from alcohol.


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