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How long does it take to install a garage door?

Garage Door Installation

There’s no definitive answer to the exact timeframe for installing a garage door. The time of its installation process relies on a few factors, but you can expect at least a half-day or approx 4-6 hours. The door size, the complexity of the installation process, weather conditions, and more are a few factors influencing the timeframe of a garage door. In addition to garage door installation in Sacramento, the technicians will visit your place and inspect the garage door to give you an estimated time.

Continue reading to learn the factors affecting how quickly your installation may be done.

Process for installing garage door

The garage door installation process starts with dissembling and removing the old door. Afterward, the specialists place new garage door panels and install rollers, tracks, springs, cables, and the garage door opener. This entire process takes alone four to six hours. Professionals will also test the garage door, ensuring its optimum working. Each step taken in the process consumes time, and the technician will need extra time if some issues arise. Apart from this, the other factors that influence how long the installation process take comprise:

  • Size: Installing smaller doors takes less time than the larger ones. Moreover, the door size plays a significant role in the timeframe of the installation process. If modifications are needed, it will add extra time for the process to complete.

  • Professional installation: If some inexperienced technician installs your garage door, it will contribute more time to its installation. Qualified professionals take less time to finish the process while replacing the old door requires additional steps.

  • Availability: Schedule the garage door installation quickly if the new door is in stock or available locally. If the door isn’t in stock, it may take weeks to get in.

  • Type of installation: Garage door installation usually takes four to six hours. If the new door is compatible with the existing structure, the installation will be easier and simpler.

  • Weather conditions: A chilly and stormy day may make the garage door installation work difficult. The process will take less time in pleasant weather conditions.

How to ensure a hassle-free installation process

All the garage door works, whether you need installation, inspection, or a garage door repair in Sacramento, should be done by only a qualified and certified professional. Undoubtedly, you won’t have to do any work during the installation work, but to make the process a little smoother, consider the following steps before the technicians arrive:

  • Remove all vehicles from the garage

  • Clear the work areas by removing the items like shovels. Garden hoses or bikes

  • If you have a pet and kid at home, ensure they stay away from the garage door during installation

Wrapping Up

Unlike regular doors, garage door installation is pretty dangerous and requires the right tools and experience. Garage doors comprise various heavy components, including high-tension springs, cables, tracks, etc. Since its opening mechanism is intricate, you can’t afford to risk making costly mistakes. Hence, consider professional assistance to have peace of mind knowing your garage is safe and functional.
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