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How Part-time Tutors Can Obtain Passive Income with a Mobile App?

Individuals who have a passion for teaching and a talent for explaining difficult topics can make great money by tutoring students. These individuals can not only supplement their income with part-time jobs but also earn a passive income.

Reading materials such as textbooks and researching material on the internet can be tedious and time-consuming. Students, especially those in higher education, may have to sit through some dull and difficult lectures. These students may need tutors to help them understand concepts and memorize information. 

Tutoring is a field that requires patience and enthusiasm. Therefore, individuals who have these qualities and a love for learning or teaching are ideal as tutors. With a mobile app, tutors can sell their services to students remotely. This can help them start a passive income and work flexible hours. Moreover, it can also help them build their clientele base and increase their earnings.

Let’s See How an App like Uber for Tutors Work

An Uber for Tutors App can provide tutors with a platform where they can connect with students and earn money. The app can also help them keep track of their earnings and make it easier to reach their goals. In this way, they can improve their revenue and expand the number of students they serve.

With the right app, tutors will be able to open themselves up to potential customers by showing off their services. Moreover, they will be able to negotiate rates and find clients who are willing to pay for their services by opening up a tutoring business. 

This is what happens when you sign into Uber for Tutors: 

  • You select your location on the app and decide who to get lessons from. 
  • You can then list which subjects you need help with by selecting them on the screen next to “book now.” 
  • After that, make a payment (either in cash or through your credit card) so the tutor can get started on your lesson.
  • You can also view the progress of your lessons by logging into the app and checking the “my lessons” tab.
  • The app will then show you a map of where your tutor is currently located and when they are available to start a lesson. You can also check their ratings, comments, and reviews (which is a great feature that Uber for Tutors has). 
  • Once you have completed your lesson, you will be given an estimated time of completion based on how long it took to complete it. You can also contact them directly through their profile if you want to meet them in person or get more information about their services. 
  • You can then rate your tutor after each lesson and add more photos or videos if you want to help them get better ratings and reviews. 
  • By doing this, tutors will be able to see how successful they are at providing services and improve their image by getting new customers. This way, they will be able to connect with students who have similar needs as well as attract new tutors to join their network. 

Thus, the Uber for Tutors app helps users with tutoring needs receive quick and convenient services. It also assists tutors in providing such services, earning a good income, and making more money per hour than they would on their own. 

There is one last thing to consider: how does the Uber for Tutors app help the tutors in making commissions? Let’s discuss it in the following section. 

Features in the App Enable Tutors to Earn Regular Income Even When They Work Part-time 

The following are some of the features that help tutors to earn regular incomes, even if they only work part-time.

  1. Set Available as Online – The tutor can set their availability to receive job requests online by clicking the Online option. 
  2. Tutor Panel – The tutor panel is a way for tutors to keep track of their earnings and appointments. 
  3. Statistics – The Uber for Tutors app has features that help tutors track their job. They also can use the graphical or statistical format to make sure they are earning what they want to earn. 


The demand for online tutoring is increasing with the advancement in technology. And, with the advent of such apps, it has become even easier for people around the world to interact and learn from each other. Now, you don’t have to be physically in the same room with a person, who is eager to learn from you. 

All you have to do is create an account on a tutoring app like Uber for tutors and get ready for a new experience!  This app is a great way to make some money while you’re gone or when you’re at work. You can receive requests to tutor students, read books, and earn some cash. You will need to make sure that you give great feedback to your students so they can keep requesting you.

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