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How to choose the best software for your co-working spaces

When you get to this post, you probably manage your co-working spaces by combining spreadsheets and tools to book meeting rooms, manage contacts, process invoices, and more. There are a number of software options that can help you eliminate annoying tasks and significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on them.

Therefore, if you are considering reducing your workload, or if you are considering hiring someone to help you manage, but it is difficult to justify the costs, the first step is best suited to your needs. Investigate interaction software. Not only now, but as the business grows and continues to grow.

1: Is I need software to manage co-workers?

The first thing to consider when you do not need to have software to work with. If the space is very small, you have enough time to do all the work and manage the meeting room. Charging and registration takes very little time. You may not need to invest in software to do the job automatically. Look for a return on investment immediately to do this.

On the other hand, if you are honest with yourself and want to limit the time spent processing members’ invoices, managing payments, calculating the number of copies charged, or processing transactions, I recommend you.

2: Complete software or software that suits your needs

Once you have decided on your partner management software, check out the various options thoroughly. It is easy to choose the best option first to save time, resources, and difficulty moving to another software later.

3: Analyze your prices, pricing structure and your services and record them down!

What I personally take from this is that you should try to be purposeful and understand how your site works. I know, it is your space and no one knows better than you, but sometimes it can be an eye-opener to take a step back and check out your model.

You can start by clearly listing all the services you offer, how much they cost to your customers, any discounts and when you offer them. It is also interesting to list what your different resources and spaces are, how you make a profit from them and manage them.

Do you want to book these through your website without your intervention?

Are you happy that anyone can book these, or are they only available to members?

How do Pricing and discount policies apply?

Is it based on the number of hours booked?

Can customers buy packages or credits?

Software implementation comes with process evaluation and business model, which is always useful.

4: Compare the available options with the Wish list

Check out the available combinations. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do everything with one software? t was not a good idea to have one ring that would rule them all, and it is a principle that applies elsewhere. The habit of software is to have different tools connected and work together to do more with your main software.

5: How much will that cost?

Each active member, with the exception of a fixed site number, pays most forums.

It is a good idea to think about your predictions and growth and your current space. Choose a model that grows with you. Remember to estimate the cost of


The integration itself may be included in the system, but you should also be aware that third-party companies might incur additional costs.

Estimate the cost per user, so you know exactly what your benefit per member is.

Keep in mind that some platforms require additional devices, such as those that require the installation of printer software; sometimes access systems may require the installation of additional devices that connect the doors to the central administration system in order to be able to update permissions in real time or to be able to open them remotely.

These services are usually inexpensive, but all of these costs may be inclusive, so it is best to be aware.

6: Is it difficult to implement a co-working spaces system?

Using a software system may translate into other resources often time and money. The best way is to understand what you want to achieve with the software, whether you accept certain limitations for ease of use, or choose a flexible and customized approach.

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