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How To Clad Exterior Walls With WPC Planks

The ecosystem and ecology have been significantly impacted by the extensive industrial and building operations. To maintain environmental sustainability, more eco-friendly building materials are being employed as a result of the events. resulting in the creation of materials such as finished wood and wood plastic composites (WPC). How To Clad Exterior Walls With WPC Planks

Materials for eco-friendly exterior facade cladding have benefits over conventional materials. They seldom ever require routine inspections or servicing, therefore they require little care. Additionally, they contain weather protection features and enhance the walls’ visual value. They offer defense against weather conditions including wind, sunlight, and dampness. These materials for außenfassade verkleidung can save time and money.

Exterior facade cladding using Wood Plastic Composites (WPC)

Exterior facade cladding using Wood Plastic Composites (WPC)

Exterior facade cladding shields several aspects of nature. They prevent the pieces from growing. When exposed to the sun, they often do not fade. Additionally, they do not dampen or enable mold to grow in humid locations like during ataköy escort monsoons.

They leave a lasting impact on wpc facade cladding, preserving the fresh appearance for years. The product’s interlocking structure makes sure there are no water leaks as well. The boards are widely utilized for frontal and rear building facades as well as exterior facade cladding walls and offer insulation for structures.

Additionally, WPC Planks are non-brittle, dependable, strong, and simple to use. As a result, they are advised for exterior facade cladding on things like benches, balcony fences, gates, and walls.

WPC Planks/Boards Benefits

WPC Planks/Boards Benefits

They provide greater advantages than plywood or real wood since they have special qualities that combine those of wood and plastic. Compared to their rivals, they are heavier and stronger inside. Let’s take a closer look at the advantages.

Extreme water resistance

Water resistance in WPC materials is quite good. As a result, it is advantageous for table building, wall cladding, and outdoor seats. Additionally, WPC plank-covered walls are unaffected by strong rain.

Adaptability to weather circumstances

WPC materials are ideal for wall wpc facade cladding for another reason: they have strong resilience to inclement weather. Therefore, weather with high humidity or moisture content has no effect on exterior facade cladding.

Simple to maintain

WPC Boards or planks are resistant to termites and do not draw insects because of the superior combination of wood fiber and plastic. It also barely needs to be cleaned. WPC materials are therefore often utilized for wpc fassadenverkleidung since they are simple to maintain.


They do not wreck. Additionally, they have a strong propensity to rot and decay.

Self-Defusing Weapon

They make good self-extinguishers since they are plastic-based goods. They can therefore safeguard the structure in fire-prone locations as they do not catch fire and burn.


They are unaffected by weather and climatic circumstances like torrential downpours, violent winds, or extreme heat. WPC’s durable plastic component reduces the need for landfill space for plastic.


They have a wide range of patterns and styles. These may blend in with both modern and historic building styles. It is suitable for projects of all sizes due to its versatility. Even trying out ornamental effects is an option. You may paint or stain it to give it a distinct appearance as well. Allow it to weather so that it develops distinctive patterns and hues.


Unlike wood goods, WPC Boards are fully termite-proof. They require little care and are strong and long-lasting.


Unlike plywood, they cannot maintain a fire, which stops the light from spreading. They are therefore preferable choices for places that are prone to outdoor fires.


Lead, urea, and other potentially harmful compounds are not included in WPC materials. As a result, they are secure for both people and the environment.

The drawbacks of WPC Planks and Boards

The drawbacks of WPC Planks and Boards

  • Compared to other materials, wpc facade cladding materials are more expensive.
  • Since wpc facade cladding is a mixture of both plastic and wood, it inherits the drawbacks of both of these materials.
  • It lacks the feel of real wood, making it an unpopular option for doors and furniture.
  • Compared to wood, this material has poor tolerance to severe temperatures.


WPC Planks are the ideal option for exterior facade cladding for contemporary and architectural structures since they have so many advantages and uses.

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