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How To Customize Your Pool Table

When you think of a pool table, the beautiful colors, options, and designs are offered for customizing a pool table. But the fact is, your pool table can be customized to your needs, perfectly complementing any space; you can say that maintaining a pool table gives you the best pool table for home use. Is your living space contemporary? Classic? Rustic? Whatever your style is, here are the answer to every question.

You’re ready to complete the game room of your dream with a custom billiard table. But where do you even begin? From the color of the felt to the accessories you include, there are many options to customize your pool table. Check out our handy guide below to get started.

Aesthetic and style

The nature of a professional pool table means it will command attention no matter where it is located, but having the table components complement the surrounding environment encourages a positive reception. Consider the aesthetics of its intended location while deciding what table style would look best for your business.


Unlike the well-recognized design of a professional pool table, a modern design is generally high-end with many unique features. Pedestals typically replace table legs, and you often see various colors and designs with pockets and felt colors. Some tables are lit with neon or track lighting, and there are options to add a top LED glass cover to highlight the various shot angles.


The contemporary style updates the more traditional table less visible than a modern table. Polished, sleek black trim replaces stained hardwoods, and colored or patterned felt designs replace the traditional red or green old-timer felts.


For enjoying the basic style of table that has existed for decades, the classic design is the way to go. This design involves a hardwood frame supported by ornate or antique-style table legs. The top felt is usually vintage green or red.

Accessory kit


Your new pool table comes with your choice of over 30 colors of premium fabrics to match any decor. Popular colors include burgundy, camel, championship green, charcoal, and black.  We also offer Premium Performance Fabrics such as Simonis and Tour Addition. Your most basic choice involving felt is the color. Our Championship line, for example, comes in more than two dozen colors. Match the felt on your custom billiard table to your room’s decor for a sleek game room you’ll love for years.

Table construction

The frame or table cabinet is what provides stability to the playing surface. It’s generally a large rectangular frame made of thick planks of hardwood. The way the pieces are joined together impacts the table’s longevity, and the chosen tabletop material also dictates how supportive a frame must be. The most common design is to have cross beams and a center beam to support the slate.

Some designs double the Centre beam or distribute the overall weight from side to side, making the Centre weight-bearing redundant. The size and material choice of the table impact whether there is a central pedestal supporting the weight or multiple legs. The tabletop is locked onto the frame before the other components are added. The more inexpensive the pool cabinet, the greater the likelihood that the frame’s primary components are cheaper particle board or plastic.

Pool table size

Another way to customize your pool table is by size. Depending on the style, our tables may come in the 7″ “bar box” option, the 8″ typical home table, or the 9″ regulation size. Determine the right pool table size for your game room. Don’t forget to account for the length of your pool cues! You can’t play well if the back of your cue is constantly bumping into walls or furniture.

A good rule of thumb is measuring the space with painter’s tape. Place it on the floor where your custom billiard table will eventually sit. Get into your shooting stance, and use an imaginary or real cue to pretend to shoot. If you can do so comfortably, you’ve probably found the right size table.

Balls set

One of the best parts of customizing your table is choosing your pool table accessories kits. We’ve got you covered, from sets containing only pool balls to kits with cleaning materials for your new game table.

Your pool balls and cues are arguably where you can express most of your style. Do you choose balls with a camouflage print or go for the classic design? Match your balls and cues to your custom billiard table for a put-together look that will wow your guests.

Dining tops

Perhaps you have a smaller space and need your pool table to be multifunctional. Why not choose a removable dining top? It takes your table from game time to mealtime in seconds.

A dining room pool table is a classy choice for any home. Eat a hearty meal together, take the tabletop off and get ready to play. The dining top also helps protect your table when it’s not in gaming use. From modern to rustic, there’s a custom billiard table with a dining top option waiting for you.

Base style


X marks the spot for this exquisite pool table. The unique base gives the illusion of defying gravity from a side view; then, you realize the X design is holding the structure of the tabletop. Unconventional artistry and purpose are available in colors or finishes only limited to the procurer’s imagination.


Built custom out of walnut. Contemporary lines and a unique top rail make this table stand out.


The Concretion will bring to mind preciseness, unadulterated and solid. A pool table will stand the test of time. Built with straight, clear-cut lines and substantial heft, this is just an example of the many options that are yours to build a “concrete” table of your imagination, fitting into your lifestyle and taste.


First glance tells the story of this incredible glass table. This clear view, unobtrusive and elegantly modern piece of furniture gives the perspective of enhancing a room and an invitation to hone your skill in the game of pool. The table’s clean fine lines and sleekness are so discreet and polished that they will enhance the most refined living area. There is no denying the Spyglass (or whatever name you like) with its’ unique concept will result in the astonishment of all who see it and will be a pleasure on which to play. Customizing the black features to other finishes is limitless. A matching SPYGLASS cue holder is also an available option.


The base of the Aquiline resembles the strength and angle of an Eagle’s beak. With several choices of finishes, you can customize your pool table to suit your taste and make the look your own. To enhance your enjoyment, you may consider adding a matching ping pong table in your choice of finishes.


No matter how you customize your pool table, this article gives you everything you need to customize a pool table. Get in touch with us with all your customization questions. We’re happy to help you design your dream pool table to reign over your perfect game room.

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