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How to Download The Androrat App?

How to Download The App?

As I have already mentioned, the tool is currently unavailable for Android phones. Therefore, do not install or download fake apps available in the market and get the software for your PCs and Laptops instead.

Because the official tool is only for those devices and you can download it from our website, which is very easy to download and install. If you are a newbie and do not know how to download the tool, follow the instructions below.

I have provided the Download button below at the end of this article.

Click on that button.

Select the desired location where you want to download the file.

Then click/tap the continue or okay button.

Wait for a few seconds (time duration or speed of downloading depends on the network connection).

Now you are done.

In this tutorial, we will introduce the Andrew Root tool and create an infected file using it.

Create an infected file or create rat apk

A brief description of rats

Rats are tools for spying and remote control of the very advanced system today.

In previous tutorials, we have introduced different rats, but in this tutorial, we will deal with another rat for the Android operating system.

special offer

It is recommended to see the previous tutorials, i.e., penetration to Android.

And you can also watch the Android hacking tutorial with Kali Linux and a video tutorial.

Introducing Andrew Roth and Rat Making Tutorial

Andrew Root is a tool for infiltrating Android that is very ubiquitous and has exciting capabilities.

From the capabilities of Andrew Root, it can be said that it is possible to combine two apk files, but

There are more advanced rats with more features.

We introduced Andrew Roth in the previous tutorials, and the link above

Old but practical rats still have their fans

Learn to work with Andrew Roth

First, download the AndroRat tool from the download section and run AndroRat Binder in its folder

AndroRat Binder is for creating rats or the same apk file or combining it with another file

Build Rat apk with Andrew Rat tool

In the IP field, enter your server, and in the port field, enter a port such as 9090 from the network ports.

You can use a virtual server for this purpose. Prepare the appropriate servers for penetration testing from the first server.

Otherwise, make your settings from the no IP section

If you have not worked with no IP, see the no IP tutorial

In the target apk section, you can give another apk file to create the root

To combine with your root file and enter go at the end

Otherwise, if you do not need to connect the file, you can click Build from the top menu and click go to create your root file.

You can check out all the call logs that they called, when and on which number they called.
It allows you to open any URL or website using the victim’s mobile.
It gives you access to all the messages that the person has sent or received.
You can also do that if you want to reply to those messages.
You can send new messages apart from replying.
Allows you to trace the GPS location of the phone.
You can check out all the messages live.
Get pictures from the phone or capture photos using their phone.
Listen to the audio.
Much more.
You Can Try these apps To Hack Any Android Game

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