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How to Dress for your Body Type – a Complete Guide

Dress for your Body Type

We all love dressing up and getting ready, but sometimes the task to acquire the right type of the dress and putting a look together can seem like one staggering chore. That is precisely because of one of the many factors that are not going well for you. Factors that play a role in helping you put a look together, things that help you do the whole dressing thing in the right manner. One of those many factors is your body type. Yes, the shape of your body or your figure plays a huge role in determining how an attire fits you.

No matter how beautiful your attire might be, it is not yours as long it does not fit you the right way. That in no way implies you are supposed to change your body shape because that is neither the purpose nor possible. But you can undoubtedly know it better and dress accordingly to your body shape. Here is a complete guide on how to ace the task of dressing according to your body type. Read on to know more ace the dressing game to the fullest.


Different Types of Body Types

Here is a list of different body types – in order to know yours, you must get familiar with them first.


  • Rectangle –

if your shoulder, waist and bust are all falling into the same width and scale, then your body shape or figure falls into the rectangle category. Going for the tops and outfits that accentuate your upper body would be a great way to elevate your figure. It could be a bit tricky curating outfits for the rectangle body type because of your upper body proportions, but you can go for clothes that have well-defined silhouettes to give your shoulder and neckline a bit of prominence.

  • Hourglass –

if you have a broad and well-defined waist, while your bust and bottom are almost equal in size. The benefit of having an hourglass figure is it makes a highly appealing body type. If you wear the right clothes, befitting your figure, it accentuates your curves and, more specifically your waistline, because the hourglass figure has a well-defined, broader waistline.

  • Pear-Shaped –

if you have a leaner upper body frame and wide lower body frame, with shoulders and bust almost equaling in the measurements and your thighs and hips equalling in the size, then you have a pear-shaped figure. The plus point about your body shape is it’s great that comes when your wear flared pants or a dress. Putting in the right amount of insightfulness in cuts and silhouettes can be extremely beneficial for you in order to accentuate your overall style.

  • Inverted Triangle or Apple Shaped –

if you have bigger, border shoulders with narrower bust, your body shape is called an inverted triangle. If well-toned and maintained, inverted triangle or apple-shaped figures are considered to be immensely attractive. The plus point about having an inverted triangle is the number of curves that come with it. You can style your outfits in such a way that neither makes you look botched, nor too held back. From skirts to long flared pants and much more. You can design almost any silhouette accordingly and get the looks right. Keeping your figure in consideration.

  • Petite –

with a shorter body frame, and leaner physique, you fall into the category of petite. Mini dresses and skirts look great on petite women, because of their tiny frames and smaller physiques.


Determining your Body Type

The first step that you must undertake in order to dress according to your body type is to ascertain your body type. Awareness is the key; everything starts getting better when you have it. The first thing that you must know.  In order to pick the right stuff to further enhance, elevate and accentuate your style is to know your body type. Here is all that you must do in order to know it.


  • Taking in the Measurements –

taking the measurements is literally the first step when it comes to determining the size of anything and your figure. In order to know your body shape take an inch tap and start taking in the measurements from top to bottom. You have to take measurements of each part of your body separately. You have to ascertain how a particular body part acts in relation to the others. The overall measurements would determine your body shape/ figure.

  • Examinng the Clothes that you Wear –

however, you might not be aware of your body shape yet, you can undoubtedly buy clothes that fit your body type after some brainstorming and examination. Which is why it is important for you to examine the clothes you have in your wardrobe. Pay keener attention to the ones that fit you perfectly while also the ones that have a not-so-flattering effect.


  • Get Familiar with Different Cuts and Silhouettes –

different cuts and silhouettes work differently for different body shapes, which is why it is essential for you to determine how exactly each one works for you. You can learn a lot about your figure just by exmaning the different cuts. The way they work for your body type.

  • Get in Touch with your Tailor/ Designer or your Go-To Shop that you Refer to Often –

tailors are the great experts when it comes to knowing the different body shapes, types and figures. They have great knowledge about different cuts and silhouettes as well. So you can always trust them to lead the path. Help you navigate as you take on the endeavour to learn more about your body shape. You can take the right advice on this from your go-to stores that you often buy from. Like tailors/ designers, they have great knowledge about these aspects as well.

  • Take Advice from the Experts –

body gurus, dietitians and experts whose job is to provide advice when it comes to these things – get in touch with them, and learn more about your body shape and the possible things that would accentuate your figure in the best way possible.

  • Research and Learn for yourself –

as you try and implement all the above-mentioned things, it is never late to learn and try for yourself. You can be your best teacher, so research, examine and learn for yourself. You can always try out different things and experiment as long as you have got to the right one.


How to Accentuate Dressing for your Body Shape

While knowing your body is not only enough in order to dress according to your body type. You must put in other factors in order to make it even better. Here is a list of things that you must do and shine better in your outfit.


  • Colors –

while you must be aware that colors play an essential role in making your look shine when it comes to dressing according to your skin tone, colors have a considerable role to play when it comes to their amazing capacity to help your true figure shine. Different colors have different roles to play. Giving the right amount of importance to the colors. That work for you is a great way to go with the styling of your outfits

If you have heard about the incredible sliming capacity that black color has. Then you must have an inkling that colors play an important role in determining. How an outfit looks on you and what it does for your figure. Apart from black, even darker shades such as red and dark brown can have an impact. Now that we are talking about colors, here is a womens dark brown leather jacket that can add an overall great appeal to your silhouette.


  • Determine the Aspects that you Want to Shine –

worried about the unflattering aspects of your figure getting the unwanted attention? Then why not think about working on those aspects that are your plus point and you want them to shine? You can certainly elevate your figure by focusing on the positives. That could be achieved by putting in the cuts. That have great appeal and highlight your figure in a positive way. 


  • Paying the Right Amount of Heed to Cuts and Silhouettes –

in order to get the looks right, you must be familiar with the different cuts and silhouettes. Opting out for the ones that work for you would shave your time and money as you style your outfits and indeed, you would not regret your choices.


Conclusion: as we said, dressing according to your figure has a great impact on your personality, and you can always act savvier when you have the right knowledge about your body. It can save your time, money and act as a means to promote body positivity in the best way possible. Refer to this guide the next time you go shopping. Get the best outfits that never fail to flatter you. Cheers! 

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