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How to Increase Views on YouTube?

Many people make their channel on YouTube thinking that if they increase views on YouTube, they will start earning income from YouTube, but many people do not get views on the channel and those people get frustrated and stop posting videos. 

Maybe you have also created your own YouTube channel, and you have faced the same problem. So today we will tell you how to get more views on YouTube.

Read and understand the strategy given below carefully

  • Write Attractive and Must See Title
  • Create Attractive Thumbnail
  • Video And Audio Quality
  • Share Link On Other Social Platforms
  • Encourage Audience to Subscribe and Like
  • Conclusion

Write Attractive and Must See Title

Before uploading a YouTube video, we write its title, but it does not mean that you write any title. You have to keep the title relevant to your video and check whether people are searching with that keyword or not.

If you use those keywords in your title whose search volume is completely down, then you will not be able to increase views on YouTube. Therefore, keep the title of your video such that the search volume is high, and the title should be eye-catching.

Create Attractive Thumbnail

You must have also experienced that if we see an attractive thumbnail on YouTube, then we click on that video immediately thinking that if the thumbnail is attractive then the video will also be good.

That’s why we have to always keep the thumbnail of our video eye-catchy and attractive, for that you can take a screenshot from your video, or you can also create a custom thumbnail in which you can set texts and images according to you.

If you do not put a thumbnail of your video, then YouTube will show any part of your video and show the thumbnail so that it will look like a simple thumbnail and no one will show the desire to click that video.

Video And Audio Quality

While making a video, you must check that the video and audio quality of your YouTube content is good. Because the same thing will depend on how the audience’s experience was while watching the video.

That’s why before uploading the video, you have to check that video yourself as an audience whether the video and audio quality of that video is right or not.

Share Link On Other Social Platforms

Views cannot come on any video just by uploading it on YouTube, you have to share the link of that video on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other platforms.

You also have to ask your friends to share that link because the more people who share your video, the more views will come to your video. This is one of the best ways to get more views on YouTube.

Encourage Audience to Subscribe and Like

You must have often seen that whenever you are watching videos on YouTube, the video creator asks you to like and subscribe, this means that as many people like that video and subscribe to the channel, YouTube will make that video more Will suggest or recommend on the YouTube feed of the people.

So you also have to encourage in the middle of your video and at the end to make the audience like the video and subscribe to the channel. That is how you can increase views on YouTube.


The strategy we have told you above to increase views on YouTube is organic. In this case, you do not need to spend your money. You just have to follow this strategy, in which you will have to work a little, but you will definitely get the result.

If even after applying this strategy, your YouTube videos are not getting views, then there is another way to gain the views, in this you will have to spend some money but you will get the result immediately.

If you are thinking about where you can buy views, then you can visit our website where you can buy YouTube views India at a very low price.

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