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Computers and Technology

How to Manage Remote Software Developers?

Hire Remote Developers

Now all over the globe, working remotely has become more popular than ever before. An increasing number of businesses and employees now engage remotely. In the software development industry, remote development has become the primary way to onboard the right talents. Hire remote software developers with technical and soft skills that perfectly match your project’s tech stack needs.

But hiring remote developers is one thing and managing them is another. Even though remote developers ensure higher productivity and cost advantages for the app projects, managing them is challenging. Remote developers can bring down productivity, make communication and collaboration challenging for app projects, and reduce the qualitative input if not guided and managed correctly.

Do you want to hire remote software developers for your app project? It would help if you considered the challenges in managing them from the beginning. Let us quickly look at some of the most effective measures and tips ankara escort to manage remote developers.

Make Your Expectations Clear

The primary responsibility of the technical team is to set clear expectations from the developers. The technical team and the HR professionals have already set some expectations through the interview rounds. But now, when starting to work with the remote team, there should be clear communication regarding what is expected from the developers for the app project.

Apart from overall expectations regarding the entire project, developers should be communicated about the specific objectives for each piece of code, and there should be particular deadlines for completing each piece of work.

Give Communication the Highest Priority

Transparent communication should be prioritized to ensure clear goal setting and smooth delivery per the project guidelines. Some key areas of communication you should prioritize include the following.

  • Give a clear overview of the project background

Every software project has a background and a few goals. When this background and the project goals are communicated clearly, contextualizing the project and ensuring precise delivery becomes much easier. From the challenges of the project to the values the successful execution can add to the career goal of the developers, everything should be discussed in clear terms.

  • Helping developers in preparation

One must remember that the performance of the developers can impact the team’s performance. Project managers often blame the remote team members as soon as a project goes to the wrong destination. The reality is quite contradictory, and most projects go wrong simply due to the lack of clear communication. It is advisable not to leave anything for the developers to guess.

  • Catch up with the remote team frequently

Since you cannot physically acquaint yourself with your remote developers inside the office premise, getting in touch with them is essential. Apart from ensuring productivity, frequent check-ins help keep the in-house and remote teams on the same page.

  • Provide feedback

An appreciation from the line managers or the senior technical team often does wonder in bringing out the developer’s capabilities. The same thing goes for underperforming developers as well. With feedback is given constructively for an app project, a stronger bond with the team can be developed, resulting in more focused efforts to achieve the goals.

  • Just be flexible

Another important aspect of remote team management is remaining flexible with the remote developer’s inputs and execution. In case of underperformance or unsatisfactory output, instead of going overboard with probing questions and reminders, let them reveal the underlying reasons and facts for a clear comprehension of the challenges.

Don’t let Time Zone differences Let Down a Project

These days technology-driven companies and solution providers increasingly rely on virtual workplaces run by remote team members working from different geographical locations across multiple time zones. Newly hired developers across global locations can pose some serious management challenges for your app project because of their time-zone gaps.

It would help if you kept the challenges posed by time-zone differences in mind when hiring remote developers. Secondly, once you hire developers from an opposite time zone. You need to have systems and practices in place to reduce the impact of the time-zone differences.

Stay Clear of Micromanagement

Remote software developers, when policed on their activities and work constantly, they feel less aligned with the project objective and the company. This ultimately makes the project suffer, and instead of thinking about improving output, developers may take up means to eyewash the reality.

This is why it is advisable to stay clear of micromanagement practices and instead build a bond that motivates developers to focus on their goals. When a developer feels tired, it’s better to let him off for the day and allow him to come back invigorated the next day.

Use the Best Management Tools

To ensure smooth project collaboration, performance management, streamlined productivity, and continuous output. The technical team needs to use the leading project management, communication, and collaboration tools.

For a comprehensive all-in-one solution, one can use Troop Messenger, Hibox, Paymo, Hive, BasicOps, and TipHive. One can use Trello, Wrike, Taskworld, Jira, Fusion, Twoodo, TeamGantt, Worksection, and Finite for task management. For document collaboration, you can opt for Google Drive, Bit.ai, and others. For project communication use leading tools such as Slack, Skype, Slack, Google Meet, Zoom and several others.

Make Rewards & Recognition a Strength

It is not just approval from the team leader or manager that can do anything to keep motivations high. The remote developers, from time to time, need to be recognized for their output and efforts. The so-called reward points apart, you should start every meeting with the remote team with a praising note for what they have already contributed to the project.

Instead of making hollow praise, point out the contributions and inputs from the developers that you found extremely important for the execution. Finally, the company should have a well-laid-out reward and recognition plan for the remote team that fits the industry standards.

On A Final Note

Managing remote developers will be much easier if you know the frequently run-down performance process bottlenecks and pulling factors. The leading development companies successfully tested and tried the above tips and measures for their remote teams and virtual workplaces.

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