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Kids and Teens

How to Put Parental Controls on Google Pixel?

Although the internet can be useful for education purposes, parents may find it alarming. Most of the information is inappropriate for children. Smartphones have become more popular among children in recent years. They offer unlimited internet access and come with a host of other features. Google, the dominant technology company, started making its own smartphones in 2016. Google Pixel phones offer a variety of parental control settings that are very useful and easy to set up. Parents can lock their phones using passwords, pins, patterns, and PINs. They can also block data access. Parents can prevent their children from bypassing parental controls. Learn how to set parental controls on your child’s Google Pixel phone and protect them from online threats.

How to Put Parental Controls on Google Pixel

All Pixel models have the exact same parental control settings. We will use parentheses if a model uses a different name to describe a setting.


Google Play Parental Controls

Google Play Store is more than just a place to download apps. Download TV shows and movies to download offline. Parents want to restrict their child’s access to the Play Store because some movies may be too explicit for them. Play Store has built-in parental controls that you can use. To set up parental controls in Play Store, follow the steps below.

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Tap on the Menu button
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Parental Controls
  • Turn Parental Controls on
  • Create a PIN

These steps will allow you to choose which type of content to block based on its rating. You can choose from Films, TV Shows, Apps, and Games or Magazines.



Prevent Data Access

It is especially important to prevent data access when your child is on the phone with guests or in other similar situations. These methods will show you how to block data access from your child’s Google Pixel smartphone.


Turning Off Mobile Data & WiFi

Parents can completely block internet access for their children using Google Pixel’s network settings. These steps will show you how to prevent your child from accessing the internet.

  • Open Settings
  • Open Network and Internet
  • Turn WiFi off
  • Return to the Network and Internet menu
  • Select Data Usage
  • Turn Data Usage off
  • Tap OK


Limited Internet Access to WIFI only

This setting will ensure that your children are not able to access the internet on public WiFis. These steps will show you how to restrict WiFi access for your child’s Google Pixel phone.

  • Open Settings
  • Select Networks & Internet
  • Select Data Usage
  • Turn Mobile Data off
  • Tap OK

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Limited Internet Access to Mobile Data Only

This setting can be used to restrict your child’s access to mobile data while they are outside. This setting allows parents to have more control over what their children can access when they’re outdoors. To limit data usage on Google Pixel phones, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Network and Internet
  • Select Data Usage
  • Open App Data Usage
  • Tap the Gear icon
  • Set Data Limit to Enable
  • Click OK in the Popup Window
  • Tap Data Limit, and choose your usage limit
  • Select Set

Google Family Link:

Google Family Link is another method to set up parental controls. This allows you to monitor your child’s phone better than the built-in options. Parents of children younger than 13 years old must create a Google account and allow their child to control their phones using Family Link. If your child is older than 13, they may stop parental supervision. Their account will be temporarily blocked and their parent will be notified. Follow these steps to enable Google Family Link for your children’s smartphones. During the process, your child must consent.


  • Open Setting
  • Open Parental Controls
  • Select Get Started
  • Select Child/Teen, and tap Next
  • You can either create a brand new account for your child, or you can select an existing account
  • Click Next to create your account

Google Family Link does not have certain features that parents need to be aware of. It lacks the following services: viewing its child’s email and messages, browsing history, screen profile, and unlimited parental web portal.

How to Prevent Parental Control from Google Pixel

Young children can be extremely smart. Children can play with the settings to find that the “Guest Mode” feature allows them the ability to modify accounts without parental controls. Parents can also delete the guest account and set a PIN to change accounts. These steps will show parents how to block access to guest accounts on their children’s smartphones.

  • Use two fingers to swipe the screen down and then select Quick Settings
  • Select Switch User
  • Tap Add Guest
  • Once you have been redirected to your guest account, swipe down again with two fingers
  • Select Remove Guest
  • Once you have been redirected to your main account, click ‘Add users to lock screen’

After you have disabled “Add users to lock screen”, protect your main account by setting a password. This will prevent children from changing accounts without entering the password. These steps will assist you in setting a password for your main account.

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Security
  • Select a PIN or Password to Lock the Screen


How to lock apps on Google Pixel

The Google Pixel series phones do not have an integrated feature to lock apps. Parents can still use third-party apps but they aren’t as secure as the original app. To lock apps on your child’s Google Pixel phone, we recommend Safes, a parental control app. Safes can block other apps and prevent the app from being uninstalled, making it unique among similar apps. Safes offer more than just blocking apps. It cannot be bypassed, and it offers more features than services like Google Family Link. Let’s take a look at some of its features, and see how parents can benefit from them.


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