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How to remotely access and control an Android phone

If you want to know how to remotely access a phone using the Android OS, check out the TOP ANDROID REMOTE ACCESS APPS BELOW! With so many options for remote accessing android phones, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Lots of people are drawn to Android devices because of their huge affordability and because they allow easy customization. Others simply cannot do without its multi-tasking ability as well as its seamless integration with Google’s services.

Finding Android apps that allow users to remotely access android is tough. Anyone who’s tried remote accessing android phones or Googled “how to remotely access Android phone from PC” are faced with few functional Android remote access apps to choose from. Remote access from an Android phone also poses a few challenges. For instance, a smartphone’s small screen is troublesome when trying to navigate with a remote desktop.

Best apps to access and control Android:

  • USB Network Gate for Android
  • FlexiHub for Android
  • TeamViewer
  • Join
  • Scrcpy
  • Vysor
  • DeskDock
  • Remote Desktop Connection
  • 2X client RDP

How to connect to Android devices remotely with USB Network Gate

USB Network Gate lets users easily access Android devices remotely from their computers. Now you can access any device connected via USB over an internet or LAN connection. “Remote Access Android” capabilities are supported on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Steps to steps access Android from PC remotely:


Download and install USB Network Gate both on the local and remote computers


Launch the app and connect an Android phone to the computer. In the app’s interface (the “Local USB devices” tab), click “Share” to provide remote access to Android phone.


On another computer launch the app as well and open the “Remote USB” devices tab. The Android device will be available for connection.

By making use of the dedicated Android remote access app, it becomes possible to share all USB devices which are connected to the Smartphone via an OTG. All the shared devices will appear and be visible on the computer just like when they are connected locally, just like the desktop app.

How to connect to Android devices remotely

To share a USB device connected to your Android phone via an OTG cable, you will have to do the following:


Download Android version of USB Network Gate onto your device.


Then, the app will be automatically installed on the Android device.


Grant root privileges to USB Network Gate, since it requires the root access for its correct work. You can use various tools, e.g. SuperSU, for managing superuser access rights for applications.


Connect a USB device to your Android device and share it by tapping “Share Device” in the app’s GUI. That’s it!

Check out this video tutorial on how to use UNG [USB Network Gate] for Android:

FlexiHub for Android

It’s not too difficult to imagine the possibility of remotely accessing your Android device right from your computer. Maybe your phone is one that is not easily accessible, connected to a computer in a different room, or you require the help of a specialist to fix your phone remotely. Perhaps you are at work and happen to leave your phone with valuable data at home, and the only way to retrieve it would be connect the device remotely. Or maybe you have a lot of text to type and or you just need a larger screen with which to work. Fortunately, it’s easy to access android phones from PC remotely.

FlexiHub makes Android remote access easy. FlexiHub enables USB peripheral sharing with a remote android device. Just like a computer-to-computer setup, you can share a USB device connected to your mobile device with a desktop computer.

Please note: FlexiHub is a server-only solution. Server-only means that you can share local peripherals (USB devices) from your Android phone, but remote access from the same Android device to any other shared equipment won’t work.

A video tutorial on how to use FlexiHub for Android devices:


TeamViewer is an exceptional remote access android app. Its reliability and ease of use make it a favorite among techies for remote accessing Android phones. TeamViewer lets users transmit files between desktop and Android mobile devices. You can also remotely access a machine from your smartphone.

Some Cool TeamViewer Features Include:

  • Multi-touch Support
  • Automatic Screen-Quality Adjustment
  • Friends Lists For “Contacts” Management

Easily manage the app’s 256 bit AES security, as well as it’s 1024 bit RSA key exchange. TeamViewer allows Android remote access to computers protected by a firewall. The personal-use version is free, but there will be a price tag for licensing if you want to use it’s remote access android phone functions in a tech support environment.

There’s More Than One App For TeamViewer

TeamViewer for Remote Control lets Android devices control a PC remotely. Making any remote access Android problems a thing of the past. Now you can remote access Android phones in a blink of an eye!

TeamViewer QuickSupport is required If you want to remotely access Android from your PC. It provides the necessary ID needed to connect with your device. This app cannot function on its own, however. To remotely access Android you’ll need the appropriate QS AddOn pack that supports your specific device. Sadly, if you can’t find a QS AddOn for your device, solving the “how to remotely access android phone from PC” issue won’t be possible.


Use Join For File Pushing, Notification Mirroring, And Clipboard Sharing.

Want to be able to read an open webpage from your desktop on your android device? Then use Join as an Android remote access solution. Join is a beloved app with many fans, and we’re sure you’ll be one of them.

Join is an app for Google Chrome. Once installed on your mobile device, pair it with your desktop and you’re good to go! You can access open tabs, paste from the clipboard, write texts, send SMS messages, send files, take screenshots and more- all from your remote access Android device!

Join doesn’t have total control of your smartphone, but it’s great when used with specific apps. It doesn’t slow down a computer or crash it. Another cool function is: Join works both ways. It’s just as easy to view articles/tabs from your phone to PC, as it is to transfer from PC to phone. Making it the perfect solution to your “how to remotely access a phone with an app” struggle!


Scrcpy Displays And Controls Your Android Device

For those who needed complete control of their Android from a PC, the last two options might have you thinking there isn’t a solution for you. However, Scrcpy is an app that’ll be just what you’re looking for (as long as you own a Samsung device).

Scrcpy lets users mirror and fully control their Samsung mobile device from a PC via USB or WiFi connection. WiFi compatibility is a newer feature.

Scrcpy is free, open-source, and doesn’t need Root Access! It’s got great latency and a plethora of features, too. It’s not as user-friendly as the other apps we’ve mentioned because the developer recommends you build it yourself. For Linux users, this is a requirement.

However, ready-made versions are available to download, which simplifies the process.


Vysor Lets Users View And Control Androids On Their Computer.

Users who think Scrcpy is too complicated will love Vysor. For those needing to remote access Android devices, this app mirrors Androids on PCs using Chrome. While speed and performance are mostly mutually exclusive, on a wired connection the app functions fairly fast. Vysor also has intriguing features for office environments, such as the ability to share one Android device with multiple users.

Vysor has both a free and paid version. Obviously, you gain access to more features and improved performance if you choose the paid option. For example: wireless access, full-screen mode, and “high-resolution” mirroring are only supported on the paid version.

There are apps, such as ApowerMirror, that have similar functions though. So it’s just about finding an app that works for you.


DeskDock Lets You Control Android Devices With A Keyboard And Mouse.

Similarly to Join, DeskDock isn’t a mirroring app- but simply another way to manage and remote access android devices on a PC. More specifically, DeskDock lets users share a mouse with their mobile device (tablet or cellphone, for example).

Just like how dual-monitors function, you can scroll your mouse pointer to one side of a desktop monitor, and it’ll transition to an Android screen next to the computer. Super handy function when you want to browse the web or quickly close apps. It’s also useful for developers who might want to test an app’s functionality via hardware devices from a single location.

A paid version is available allowing users to share their keyboard, clipboard, and more.

Share Mouse and Keyboard, and Synergy are two apps that function similarly to DeskDock. However, Synergy seems to have changed for the worse recently.

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection Enables Android Devices To Interact With Linux, Windows, Or Mac.

Remote Desktop Connection lets users connect to remote computers using RDP or VNC protocols. This app enables Android devices to interact with Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. It boasts multiple awesome features like automatic encryption mode, customizable resolutions, and a bookmarks manager. RDC also includes a Touch Pointer. This function lets you use gesture controls, and has a tab for RDP connections specifically. Remote Desktop Control is open-source and available on Google Code.

2X Client RDP

Connect to any machine supporting RDP with 2X Client RDP.

2X Client RDP is compatible with versions of Windows 8 and older, and offers one of the most enjoyable keyboard interaction experiences on our list. Features include:

  • Unlimited connections
  • SSL security
  • Full-screen mode
  • Easy-scrolling
  • Sound-integration Zoom support
  • Two and three-finger gesture control

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