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How to Stop Multitasking During an Online Course

Wouldn’t it be great if we had 8 arms of an octopus to do many things at the same time? Doing multiple tasks at once does save us a lot of time but has its own drawbacks. We all wish to get many things done at a time so that we can save several hours of our schedules. However, some tasks require our full attention and one of them is taking an online course. Time is precious, which is why many students pay someone to take my online course as it saves their time.

However, saving your time is not always the best idea and can cost you extra effort. In fact, many students try to do multiple things while taking their online courses but end up regretting it later. Although you must be tempted to finish your domestic chores or any other duties, you should fight off the urge. If you’re wondering how to stop multitasking while taking online courses, let’s find out!

  1. Stay Mindful of the Consequences

The best way to break a habit is to find out how it can hurt you in many ways. Doing other things while taking your online course has many negative outcomes. One of the biggest ones is that it will affect your learning and understanding while taking the course. If you’re not paying complete attention to the online lecture, you won’t be able to remember anything being taught. Moreover, at times, you will even miss out and not hear some part of the lecture if you get involved in the other activity.

There are two types of students who fall prey to this, those who are bored and those who are busy. Students who are bored stick to playing games or doing other things to amuse themselves during the online course. Meanwhile, students who are busy trying to get other things done while finishing their course. Although you’re not only wasting your time because there’s no point in taking this class, you’re wasting your money too. Hence, think of all the possible consequences if you want to quit multitasking while taking your course.

  1. Take Alternative Breaks

Breaks are great for helping you fresh your tired brain and keep yourself focused. Many students avoid taking breaks because they feel it’s going to distract them. Contrarily, if you keep working on the same thing nonstop, you will eventually start doing something else for a change. Hence, remember to take breaks every now and then to recharge yourself and get back to work. Although, you need to remember to keep the breaks short or long breaks are just as good as procrastination.

If you’re wondering how long your break should last, here’s what you can do. Simply follow the Pomodoro Technique in which you’re supposed to do a task for 25 minutes and take a break. Make sure any of the breaks you’re taking doesn’t last for more than 5 minutes. So instead of jumping between tasks, you can schedule chunks of time for lessons and take breaks in between. This break is going to energize your mind and help you focus better on your online course.

  1. Remove Distractions From Your Background

Do you start using your phone when you’re bored between lectures or hear the notification bell? This is a common mistake that ends up distracting you from your online course. This is why your teachers and processors were keen to call you out if they saw you on your phone. However, you won’t have anyone to nudge you when you’re taking an online course. This freedom is dangerous because you’ll easily fall prey to distractions. Hence, prioritize removing all distracting elements from your surroundings while taking your online course.

If you think it just means you should keep your phone away, there’s more to it. Apart from your cellphone, there are many other things that can distract you during your online lectures. This can be your television or the music playing in your background. Moreover, you might need to remove your pet and even ask your family members for space during that time. Quality time is great but it can interfere with your studies. Thus, set healthy boundaries and assure your family members or roommates that you will spend time with them later.

  1. Disable Pop-Ups and Notifications

While reading the above tip, you must have wondered how you can put all the devices away during online classes. We understand that you have to use these electronic devices when you’re studying virtually. So, if you cannot rid yourself of the device, you should eliminate the distracting elements within those devices. Thus, start with keeping your phone on silent and turning off all notifications. You can check on your phone during breaks and get back to people if it’s absolutely urgent. This way, your notifications won’t catch your attention and tempt you to use your phone during online classes.

Secondly, many apps and websites bombard you with pop-ups, make sure to turn them off. If you’re thinking about what you should do to stay away from addictive apps and websites, here’s a tip. You don’t have to abandon technology to fight it, because there’s an easier way to curb addictions. Just as technology distracts you, it also gives your tons of solutions to deal with it. There are applications for practically anything and you can easily find apps to help you regulate your usage. Furthermore, you can even find apps to control your screen time and breaks too!

  1. Understand and Regulate Your Behavior

If you find yourself multitasking during online courses, there must be reasons behind it. So think about them and try to understand them – you find the best solutions when you understand the real issue. Think about all the times you have done other things while taking your online course and write down the reasons. You may be listening to music because you don’t find the course interesting or important. Or maybe you feel the need to do many things at once because you’re busy and have a tough schedule.

We know that staying focused on your online course isn’t as easy as others make it look. However, you can always trick yourself into maintaining your attention and focus on your online course. So, think about your strengths and weaknesses and what you work best with. Maybe you concentrate better when you take notes during online lectures. This works well for many students because it helps them improve focus and remember what they’re learning. Either way, you’ll have to experiment with different methods to find what helps you stay focused during online courses.

In Conclusion:

While we all think multitasking is a great thing, it has its fair share of disadvantages too. Multitasking during online courses, can distract you from learning and end up wasting your time and efforts. Moreover, you will be wasting your hard-earned money if you don’t learn anything from the online course. Most students feel they can pay someone to take my online course but it’s better to make time and learn on your own. If you worry about multitasking during online courses, you can use the above tips to overcome your challenges!

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