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How to Write The Best Project Case Study for Your Portfolio?

Case studies give any potential customer or employer an insight into how you operate and think, in addition to demonstrating your expertise and skill. Case studies are the whole goal of developing a portfolio, which is why our portfolio tools, Semplice and Carbonmade, were created around them. A case study is required to illustrate your work, especially if it is more sophisticated, such as UX design. Case study writing service can assist the students in writing the best project.

Before you do virtually anything else, write down your case studies.

I understand that this isn’t as exciting as building your website, but like with most things in life, it’s best to tackle the most difficult assignment first. You’ll just want to push that launch button near the end of the project, so anything you write at that point will be rushed and sloppy. Or, even worse, you’ll strike a snag and put off commencing the project. Write as soon as possible about your projects, even if you have to tweak the copy later to fit your final page layout. I normally just jot down anything I’m thinking in Evernote or a Google Doc. Case study writing help can guide you in the most amazing way.

Keep it short and sweet by captioning everything.

People frequently skim through your projects to get a sense of your abilities and working style. Write a short paragraph or two that makes your idea intriguing and relatable to your reader, rather than a novel.

According to a study, the short captions beneath the photographs are one of the first stuff humans read in a newspaper. Consider your case study in the same light. Even if someone only reads the small 1-2 phrase captions at the bottom of your case study, they should be able to grasp your project. Concentrate first on the captions, then fill in any longer material.

Give credit where credit is due and explain your participation.

This is especially significant if the project was a group effort. If all I see is a list of names with no indication of their roles, I’ll be suspicious of what you already do on this project. Regardless of whether this was a team project or not, it’s important for us to know what part you performed. It may be as simple as including “art direction & design” alongside the project summary. This is a key feature that can make the difference between getting employed and not getting hired.

Write in your own words.

Although you and your client may understand what they represent, acronyms and buzzwords only serve to alienate your reader. Don’t use pompous words to impress; instead, express your work inside your own voice and be as transparent as possible. We should be able to get a sense of your personality and design phase by the end of the book.

Don’t simply copy and paste phrases regarding your client’s goods from their website. The change in tone will be noticeable, and it will only make you appear sluggish. A case study writing service always writes in their own words.

Consider each case study as a feature article in a magazine.

This applies to both your content and your design. It’s fine to use a similar page design for your case studies, but you should alter it to fit the project and the style of the work. Consider the layout of a magazine article. They’re made to completely immerse you in the work and make it an experience for you. They use photographs taken in specific locations to demonstrate a point or to bring a setting to life.

These are the five points to writing the best case study. It can add stars to your project portfolio. Still, if you are not satisfied then approach write my case study for your project completion.

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