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Improve Your Communication Skills with These Web Courses

We have all been in a situation where we knew exactly what we wanted to say, but the words didn’t come out correctly. Or we were taken so off-guard by the happenings that it left us speechless. While you can’t stop things like this from happening, you can learn to navigate them a little better. So, the next time it happens you can communicate effectively with confidence.

Most people can find it hard to communicate in office settings. Anxiety and your impostor syndrome might kick in at the wrong moment and spoil it for you. However, there are many online courses and websites that can help you overcome these shortcomings. If you have a reliable internet package like Spectrum internet plans, you can take these courses and hone your communication skills. Let’s take a look at some of the best courses that you can take.

1: Language Courses (Duolingo)

Learning another language or improving on the ones you already know is a key step toward improving your workplace communication skills. If you are a non-native speaker, then many things can get lost in translation. Duolingo online courses are one of the most popular and trusted to learn a new language. The app and website have a lot of well-designed courses that can help you enhance your reading, writing, and speaking skills. Even if your work doesn’t demand it from you, learning a new language is an amazing skill that can help you in more ways than you think.

2: Teamwork Skills: Communicating Effectively in Groups (Coursera)

Coursera is one of the world’s top websites to find free and paid online courses, certifications, specializations, and even degrees. They have courses from universities and technical institutions from all over the world and offer professional certificates as well. The University of Colorado Boulder offers the Teamwork Skills course on Coursera and this can be a great way to enhance your communication skills.

Office settings can often force you to work in teams and provide results. But many introverted and shy people can find it difficult to work with other people and voice their opinions effectively. This course can help you become more creative and improve your decision-making skills. Moreover, it will look great on your resume no matter which field of work you are in.

3: Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills (Coursera)

This course is offered online by the University of Michigan through Coursera. Many people can find it difficult to negotiate a deal with their clients that suits them well. You have to be a quick thinker with a proactive approach if you want to succeed with this. Lawyers, human resources professionals, managers, or brokers can often find themselves in such situations. If you think you need help with your negotiation skills then this course can be perfect for you. The course offers practical examples and exercises. The skills you will obtain from this course can later apply in any professional setting.

4: PowerPoint Presentations: Deliver a Non-Boring Presentation (Udemy)

Presentations can be a major part of your job if you work in the corporate sector. And PowerPoint presentations can put your audience to sleep if they don’t have any pizzaz to them. This course from Udemy can be a great choice for you if you struggle with making and delivering effective presentations. So, if you are tired of noticing people on their phones or generally uninterested in your presentations, it is time to change that.

The course can help you deliver mesmerizing presentations to your in-house team or make pitches for your clients. There can be many things that can go wrong during a presentation but how prepared you are for any and every situation is what makes the whole difference.

5: Communication and Interpersonal Skills at Work (Future Learn)

Strong interpersonal skills are important for positive collaboration at work. They can help you share your opinions and ideas more effectively and create a real difference. This course on Future Learn from the University of Leeds can help you achieve all of that and more. It will help you match your communication style and tone with your company’s ethos and project goals. And allow you to build an effective communications strategy.

6: Conflict Management Specialization (Coursera)

This specialization is offered by the University of California and is available 100% online through Coursera. Conflict resolution can be a major part of the job for managerial positions, human resource executives, and other professionals. The workplace culture can depend upon positive collaboration and effectively reducing conflicts among various stakeholders. This specialization will help you turn conflict into collaboration and has three different courses that you can take. It can help you hone your interpersonal skills and build better relationships.

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