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Is Vaping Different Than Smoking?

Vaping is very different from smoking, although it is often considered the same. Many vape brands, such as Elf Bar, Elux Legend, etc., have received a lot of criticism ever since the rise in vaping over the last few years. The misunderstanding has created a lot of controversy among people who neither smoke nor vape; let’s dive into this concept further.

Is Vaping Different From Smoking:

The simple answer would be Yes; it is different, but details need to be explained here. Actually, Disposable vape devices, like Elf Bar Lost Mary, were introduced with the notion of providing smokers with a similar but healthier alternative to smoking. Earlier e-cigarettes used to look like traditional cigarettes so that people feel less difficulty in switching; maybe their similar appearance and functioning gave rise to the notion that they are the same.

How Vape Devices Function:

An Elf Bar vape device is also known as an electronic cigarette because it works on a battery. Instead of tobacco, a vape kit has an e-liquid which is the base component of vaping. The e-liquid carries nicotine and flavour along with other components and delivers it to your body in a smoking-like way.

The Safest Alternative:

Vaping is 95% safer than smoking, and this statement has been supported by the National Health Sciences, Public Health England. The reason is that the vapours produced by Elux Legend vape do not contain many of the toxic chemicals present in cigarette smoke.

Elf Bar Lost Mary vape heats the e-juice instead of burning, and as a result, tar and carbon monoxide are not produced, which are the two major harmful chemicals inhaled during smoking. 

E-liquid VS Tobacco:

Vaping and smoking both deliver nicotine to the user’s body, but both of them do it differently. Elux Legend device has an e-juice which is made of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG), nic salt, and flavour. The vaping liquid is made in laboratories, while tobacco is cultivated on large scales, which affects the environment, too. 

You can also find a huge variety of vape juice flavours which is not present in tobacco-containing cigarettes. Also, the residual scent of vape flavours is not that strong and does not linger around like the smoking smell.

The Huge Cost Difference:

The cost of vaping and smoking is like east and west; there is a huge difference between the yearly costs of vape devices and conventional cigarettes. Most governments do not support the smoking industry due to its many hazardous effects, which is why there are huge taxes on traditional cigarette packs.

Due to heavy taxes, the price of a pack of cigarettes soars high; on the other hand, the use of e-cigarettes/vape devices is encouraged by the UK government and many others, which is why their prices are quite reasonable. A rough estimate indicates that the yearly cost of purchasing regular cigarettes would be around £9000, while vape devices will cost you only £900 annually. 

All In All:

Vaping and smoking may look similar, but they are entirely different from each other. Vaping is 95% safer, while smoking leads to many chronic illnesses. Elf Bar, Elux Legend, Elf Bar Lost Mary, and other vape devices should be used as an alternative to smoking with the purpose of weaning off nicotine.

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