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Key Questions to Ask Your Potential Phone Cover

Key Questions to Ask Your Potential Phone Case Printers

Customized phone cover assists you to flaunt your own hobbies, pursuits and feel of humor. Phone photo printing online helps make it exceptional within only a couple of clicks in the customization application of  Zapvi  Store. Once you’ve narrowed down your lost and found printers that have good feedback from previous customers, it’s time to start contacting them again to ask further questions. Here you’ll be able to find out which companies can provide you the best service for your budget.

In no specific order, here’s a list of questions you should ask potential print vendors:

What are my choices?

You need to ask your printer what is the best option for material and style of phone case you want printed. Quantities may determine the style of printing you choose, so you’ll need to find this out so you can determine the best option for your budget.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

This can change depending on the method of printing you choose. So you’ll need to determine what fits with your budget.

Can you send me Factory samples?

Each printer should be happy to send you some of their samples. Compare samples from the different suppliers to see who has the greatest quality.

What are the sample prices?

Before you make your final decision, you will need to get a sample of your printed phone case made to inspect its quality. Prices can range from supplier to supplier.

Production costs?

Ask your printer for a full breakdown of costs. Including the costs for time, shipping, tariffs, basically everything they are charging you for.

What are your supply requirements?

You’ll need to know if there are any colour profiles you should be working on.

What file formats should I use?

You need to know what file types you will be having to send to them so they can actually use it.

Do you have templates?

Some print manufacturers will have design templates. This will allow you to enter your design to their exact specifications and avoid problems in regards to bleed and trim accuracy.

What are your bleed settings?

It’s common that most manufacturers will have the same bleed settings, however, some printers may reduce the amount of bleed to save on waste materials.

Can I get a sample proof and do I have to pay?

Before you run full production it is good practice to get a sample of your custom phone cover  print, then to risk losing a lot of money.

Will my prints be consistent? Will you notify me if the printer changes?

This is a very good question to ask. After you send a print to a printer they will send you a proof sample and you approve the print. However, if your printer then changes the printer they used, or outsources your phone case prints to a different vendor; it can affect the print quality and colour accuracy. You need to confirm the exact printer that will be used so you get the best and most consistent prints.

Is any of the process outsourced?

If your printer will be outsourcing any of the work it is imperative that you know. Especially if you need to complain or fine tune anything. If you’re unaware of this and your printer is not representing you well enough, things can get tricky and add time to the deadline.

Can you confirm you will not edit my design once I send it to you? If it needs editing, can you let me know what you are doing, or better, let me do it?

Sometimes printers can take liberties to fix production problems you could have missed, or they might assume you’ve made a mistake. Highlighting to them that you don’t want them to make any changes on their own is ideal. There tends to be more than one way to overcome a production problem and their solution may not be one you feel comfortable with.

What is your typical production time?

Knowing the production time can be a huge help when deciding who you want to use.

Do you have a specialty/niche?

This could be the tipping point. If you have some printers that you are happy with, but one of them specialises in phone case printing, or in the style of print you want you’ll likely end up with a better final product.

What are your payment terms?

Some may offer you credit if you qualify, others may require a down payment, then full payment later. It’s important you determine what the printers policies are when it comes to payment. If they want full payment upfront, this should be considered a warning sign.

Under what circumstances could my prices change?

Talk to them about market changes and what could affect your prices. This will help you when it comes to budgeting.

What kind of additional fees can I expect?

Ask upfront about additional fees that could be added on. Trust me, you don’t want any nasty surprises.

What is the FOB point?

This can vary from supplier to supplier, so you’ll need to determine when your custom phone cases will officially become yours. The easiest way to do this is to ask what the FOB point is. The FOB point is when you will take official ownership.

What are your certifications?

These demonstrate their standard, experience, and priorities. When quality is a concern, you will want printers that utilise the best industry practices.

For example, a G7 compliant vendor will conform to the industry-leading specifications and ensure your phone cases will adhere to those standards. A Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forest Initiative Certified printer will ensure it uses the most environmentally-friendly materials.

What other companies do you print for?

If you’re talking to a printer who prints for some leading companies with global brands, you know their facilities have been visited and audited by major companies. They’ll likely produce high-quality work.

Final Thoughts on Questioning

Take your time, this is an important stage. Taking your time and properly vetting your potential printers will help eliminate headaches further down the road. You can lose a significant amount of time and money by not ensuring you are picking the right printer for you. Do your homework, ask as many questions as you feel necessary. Not only will this help you find the right printer for your phone cases, but it will show the printer you mean business and pay attention to the details.

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